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 J o i n   L i n k E x c h a n g e   -   c l i c k   h e r e
P o r t f o l i o

I have made two versions of my
site before this one, I don't know
why. I just like sittin' in front
of my computer listening to Jimi
Hendrix's great guitar playing and
making web sites. That's one of the
best things to do, I think.

 click this picture to visit my first design

1. Wing mirror

This is how my site looked like first.

The pictures aren't good, I know.

Also note that they aren't updated.
 click this picture to visit my second design
2. Frames

This is how my second design looked like. It's using frames. Go and see this one too, it's more updated than the first.
If you like some one better than the design I'm using now don't be afraid to tell me.

e - m a i l
 click this picture to visit my music site
3. Southern Rock

This is my music site. This one's also using frames but not on the index.
It has over 10 groups / artists. It's mostly guitar playing groups like Jimi Hendrix, Jimmie Vaughan and Stevie Ray Vaughan.

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