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Welcome to the Short-Haired Cat Society.

The Short-Haired Cat Society is the senior Breed Club for British and Foreign Shorthairs. It was first constituted in 1901 and was a Founder Member of the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy, catering for all the then known Shorthair breeds. It has always been responsible for all the colours of British Shorthairs and has also incorporated the Manx Breed.

As the numbers of breeders interested in Abyssinian, Burmese and Siamese cats became large in number, Clubs were set up to cater individually for these breeds, whilst the SHCS continued its pioneer work on the presentation of new varieties to the Cat Fancy.

Recognition was gained for the Chestnut Brown Shorthair, the first 'Siamese type' Shorthair with solid coat colour, which was later renamed the Havana and later the Society gained recognition for the Foreign (now Oriental) Lilac Shorthair. The Society at present also has responsibility for the Oriental Black, Blue and Spotted Tabbies.

The Society has always catered for the Russian Blue breed in conjunction, at times, with various specialist Clubs which have been formed from time to time. Recognition for the Korat breed was gained in 1977

The Society is a member of the British Shorthair Group Committee, the Russian B.A.C., the Korat B.A.C. and the Oriental J.B.A.C. through which Stewards and Judges are trained and which oversees Breed Standards of Points in the G.C.C.F.

we are registered with  the Animal DNA laboratory

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