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Welcome to Mcleod's Fanfix, the site dedicated to showcasing all of your wonderful fanfics. Below you will find a number of picture links, so use them to find a fic under your favourite catagory. Don't forget to vote for your favourite fic at the poll on the bottom of the page. Happy reading

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If you wish to submit your fanfic to this website please fill in the following form. I will then reserve a page for you and e-mail you asking you to send the fanfic along with any copyright requirements you have. NOTE: I've had a lot of fanfic submissions sent without a e-mail address which makes it impossible to contact you. So if you fill in a submission and DO NOT receive an e-mail requesting information from me then you can do one of two things:
Fill in another submission or E-mail me directly, you will find the e-mail at the end of this page!


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Below is the link for the top fanfix for 2003, give it a look in! Please e-mail me with your opinion/ideas.

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Started adding new buttons(22/7/2004),Fanfiction Added(22/7/2004) : 'Underneath my Pillow'(Tess/Claire) & 'And You're The Lighthouse'(A)