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Martin Christoffersens Homepage -
Links - English!

  • Software
    Danish Shareware - The best place to find danish shareware/freeware
    Klassiske spil online - Here You'll find some old games ready to download
    Advice about Shareware - What is it? How does it work?

  • Web-related
    Stone's Webwriter 2 - The program, that I used for creating this homepage
    WWW Gif Animator - Make your own gif-animations!
    Inspector Web - Sees if you have any broken links on your homepage!
    Net Mechanic - Helps you tune up your homepage
    Dr. Watson - Gives you a report whether your homepage is good or not so good!
    HotMail - Get a free web-based email
    Angelfire - The place where I got my FREE homepage
    Barrys Clipart
    The Free Mall

  • Soccer
    The Crazy Reds - The official homepage for the fanclub of VB
    Hundreds of links to soccer - They've got it all
    CNN World Soccer

  • Humor
    The official Disney Homepage
    Andeby - The homepage for Donald Duck in Denmark
    Comic Zone - Want some fun?
    Sjakket - The unofficial fanclub for Jan Gintberg! - The place where you'll find computer related fun (in danish)
    Ay Carumba! - A huge site about the Simpsons
    Comic Explorer - Like Internet Explorer but finds only jokes/comics and stuff!
    Donatis hjemmeside - Here you'll find lots of funny things - some to download!
    Vits arkivet - Danish jokes!

  • Games
    Play SimCity - free on the net!
    100% Snyder - The largest cheat-page in Denmark!

  • FREE!
    Planet Freebee - A bunch of free things - mostly software!
    The Free Site - Mostly web-related but there is a little more!
    Gratis siden - Free stuff in Denmark!

  • Mixed
    Webworld - News about and from the internet (in danish)
    Ove Sprogøes Fanweb - Everything about Ove Sprogøe
    MS-Das - Makes fun about MS-Dos
    Antics! - Find the small ants!
    [HERBIE]'s hjemmeside - One of my classmates homepage! - If you have a question mayby one of these experts can answar it!
    Icecream - Create your own icecream!

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