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The Street Fighter Warehouse: Tribute

Which is the best MvsC2 team?

Answer: Akuma, Ken and Ryu

I asked you which Marvel vs Capcom 2 team was the best and you answered Akuma, Ken and Ryu. For the first time in a long while I actually agree. This team is great in overall skill. I also think that this team is a good team for beginners to the versus series of games to learn with( I mean, come on! Who doesn't know how to use all of the shotokan warriors by now!?). I personally use Cable, Mega Man and Cyclopse most of the time simply because their tripple team hyper combo is so devistating!

Which should be Capcoms next vs series?

Answer: Street Fighter vs Dragon Ball Z

Well it seems that you all have choosen Street Fighter vs Dragon Ball Z. I can see how that would work. Both the Street Fighter and Dragon Ball worlds are based upon getting stronger and beating the hell out of each other. I would be very interesting to see Ryu and Goku or even Akuma and Cell duke it out. I personally voted for Marvle vs DC on this one. I think that the hyper combos for that game would be even more intense because it would be super powers against super powers. I also think that this game would answer alot of questions like "Whos eye blast is stronger: Superman or Cyclopse?" or "Who is the fastest: The Flash or Quicksilver". Anyway, thats just my opinion.

Which system deserves Capcom's loyalty?

Answer: Game Cube

This is realy a rare occasion. I actually agree with you all on this. Don't get me wrong. I enjoy playing all( realy most ) of the next generation systems, but the question was not "Which is your favorite system?". Aside from the arcades, Capcom has been most loyal to the Nintendo corperation. They have released some of their best tittles on many of Nintendo's systems like Final Fight, Mega Man and yes, the ever popular Street Fighter. Lately Capcom has been devoting its attention to Sony's Playstation. I have no problem with this, but I feel that Capcom should consider getting back to its roots, atleast for a little while!

Would Rival Schools make a good movie?

Answer: Yes

So, you think Rival Schools would make a good movie, huh! Well, I agree. As an anime I think that it would be perfect, unless they pulled a Tekken ( I am referring to the extremely short Tekken anime that came out a couple of years ago ). As a live action film it would probably suck. Don't get me wrong, I like Rival Schools just like the next hard core gamer, but I wouldn't want it to turn out like Street Fighter: The Movie. Then again, live action video game based movies have come a long way since then. Movies like Mortal Kombat and Tomb Raider seem to be very good and accurate movies. The up and coming Resident Evil Movie looks like it is going to be a great live action video game based movie as well. If Capcom decides to make a Rival Schools movie, weather live action or anime, we'll just have to sit back and hope that we can enjoy the ride.