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Last Updated: 28th January 2001

This page contains links to the members pages of the ScullySlash List. Not all of the members of the list write and post fiction to it, and those that do, do not always concentrate solely on Slash stories involving Scully.

By taking a trip to their own personal Home Pages, you can see what their interests are, and, if they are a FanFic author, find out something about their other writing.

Halrloprillalar (Call me "Hal")

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Professional fiction, essays

Personal silliness, FanFic

Adrian D. Ives

Located in the UK, Adrian writes FanFic as an outlet for the enormous frustration and irritation that he encounters every day in his job as a Project Manager. He is an enthusiastic Scully fan, and generally writes stories that are in some way Scully-Centric. Very often his stories will be set outside of the conventional X-Files framework, possibly categorised as Mytharc or Crossover.

Oh, yeah, and he writes a lot of smut!

Visit his Home Page and check out some of his other fiction.
Adrian is no longer on the list. So his website is the only way to read his fiction or contact him.

Deslea R. Judd

Deslea Judd is a twenty something Master's student in Theology, a figure skater, frelance writer, and mother to an adorable toddler. She writes XF fanfic, mostly Scully/Skinner, as well as a little MSR and f/f slash; and her Samantha slash tale "On The Outside" was nominated for the 1996 Spooky Award for Drama.

As well as her personal homepage, she also maintains a theology page and a Scully/Skinner romance page.


Original fiction, and ScullySlash fic

mindspring site (after Feb1, 20001)
Angelfire Mirror site
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Selena's Favorite Things


A few cool X-files links, movie links, plus commentary, critiques, and cool news about times in Austin, TX.

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Tamy da Pooh

da Pooh's Place

X Files, Stargate, Farscape stories and artwork.

Nicole van Dam

The Jaguar's X Files Fanfic Archive

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