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A Falkirk Bairns' Bit o Scotland

Welcome to my wee corner of the world! As my father would say; "take yer shoes aff, pit yer feet up and make yerself at hame"! Now I searched high and low and in every nook and cranny but I couldny find a Falkirk Homepage, so whits a lass to do but make one! Falkirk is a grand wee toon and living in Canada now, I can appreciate its attributes even more. So this wee page will be all about Falkirk and other Scottish things, I hope ye can find something to intrest ye. I'll constantly be revising it, so dont be too surprised if ye see changes each time ye visit...acht's just for fun anyway. Now if ye fancy a wee blether, come away in ti the WHEATSHEAF, It's the oldest standing pub in Falkirk, been there since 1610...the beers fresh though so dinny worry. Leave a message and tell yer friends!

Noo mind and come back cause ye ken whit they say..."Better meddle wi the De'il himself, than meddle wi a Bairn o' Fawkirk"... is that no the truth? Ma Canadian Bairns can say that as guid as me but they've got a posher accent.. ah canny say they are awe that chuffed aboot that!

Noo whaur dis a Falkirk Bairn go ti keep abreast o the news? Well ye can phone hame every week and there's nuthin like it! But next ti that....aye...yer right ...the Fawkirk Herald! Noo ah mind when ye hud to wait fur it ti come oot faither wid say..."you run along ti the post office and get me the Herald hen"(Ladysmill wi the Zebra crossing) and aff ye'd run wi a penny in yer pocket fur some penny fizzers or a dainty ( hated penny tatties even wi the wee toy) ye'd hope like heck it wis in! But noo.... they poor weans have ti work harder fur a sweetie's ON LINE! Aye instant! Just you press this wee link and ye'll be transported! No quite the Enterprise and there's nae sweeties in it fur ye but....the papers no wet and soggy! Always a bonus!

The Falkirk Herald...the Best Paper in awe Scotland

Noo, ah hiv a wee brother! He's a grand lad and trying his hand at creating his own web page! Take a peek and keep looking cause as ma faither and him say...this is a work o art and Michelangelo dissny hiv a look in! No ti be confused wi the Noterangelos fi Fawkirk...Hello there Notty if yer oot wishes fi Canada!

Noo Christmas time is mas favorite time o year! And being awa fi hame can present its challenges ye ken. I've jist never figured oot how ti get the present I really want delivered on time and withoot costing me as much ti post as the parcel itself! So several years ago I got a bright idea...I get them noo and again ye ken so dinny be thinking ah dinny. Anyway, I get's the idea tae start sending Marks and Sparks Christmas hampers! Aye it was rare, I could visit the shop, drool ower the pictures in the book and pick oot what ah wanted fur whom. Ye can imagine how distrurbed ah wis when they shut doon. Ah wisny pleased! It was mare than the Xmas was socks and knickers tae. Ye ken fine ye canny beat them! Well ah solved the hamper problem but the other......hrmmm, we'll no talk aboot that! Back to FOOD! It was kinda like a revelation! Ah thought ti maself....hing on here hen, ye must be able ti get Christmas Hampers on line! Well, ah did! But ah couldny find any place in Falkirk that has the service so if anywan oot there kens something ah dinny, let me ken and I'll try it oot. In the meantime, ORDER YER HAMPERS HERE! Ive used both these places wi great success and the family says they are rare! Dinny be droolin on yer keyboard noo....



Let me tell ye aboot Auld Tam noo! I met auld Tam on the web many years ago. He lives in Australia and has done fur many years. Im in the process of doing some work to add here aboot the Gordon Highlanders in memory of my father in law but Tam has a great site here foo o intresting stuff and its a rare read! So fill yer glass, throw a log on the fire and get comfy....... and read on!


And here's a wee tribute fi Tam ti the Falkirk Wheatsheaf


A long way from your homeland, but Christmas is still the same. The wind still blows the heather, as the Gillie tends the game.

Thistles wi? their heads bowed, seem to beckon home. The Scot who wandered so blithely, over the churning foam.

But call at the cheery Falkirk pub, they will remove that frown. And treat you like royalty, anyway, who needs a crown.

There?s Linda polishing glasses, and Rose keeping the fire warm. While Donna feeds the parrot, who looks at Tam wi? scorn.

?Squaaaaaark? ? We don?t serve Sassenachs in this pup, but in your case we could make an exception? ?And because you wrote this junk, we invite you to this reception?

? whheeeeehhhhooooo? Aye, that?s what Christmas is all about, if you want to fight all year. But take one day off for Christmas, and put away that spear.

If you notice all the kids at tea, their laughter melts your heart. They grow so quick and time flies by, too soon they have to part.

But they will remember this Christmas day, and their kids will do the same. Rejoicing that long ago another kid was born and Jesus was his name.


Noo whit's next..........hing on ti yer hats cause ma wee brother is making a soccer page...hrmmm he's pullin his hair oot but he'll soon be bald anyway...stay tuned.well ye can email me wi yer ideas...feel free! I'll always respond...or ye'll hiv tae pit up wi ma rantins....Victoria School, Lemeti's chips, the Hunting Lodge...........feel free ti send yer suggestions! It'll stop me posting family picters haha!