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MUFON---South Carolina, USA

Welcome to the South Carolina MUFON website. MUFON is the acronym for the Mutual UFO Network, Inc. It is the world's largest UFO organization. MUFON is a non-profit organization. "MUFON"S" mission is the systematic collection and analysis of UFO data with the ultimate goal of learning the origin and nature of the UFO phenomena. MUFON Field Investigators are trained by MUFON and high standards of professionalism are required. As objective, scientific researchers, Investigators uphold the confidentiality of all witness and case information. MUFON Field Investigators are volunteers who conduct research at their own expense, and attempt to document all calls and sightings/encounter information in a thorough and unbiased manner.

For additional information please call Cheryl Gilmore (S.C.MUFON State Director) at (843)688-4615,

South Carolina, USA, is a very busy state in regards to investigating and answering calls from all parts of the state. Presently we are investigating several cases, some which include missing time, as well as recent sightings/abductions.

Call if you have any questions, sightings or experiences that you would like to discuss.

Please bookmark this site for future references.

The thirtieth annual MUFON 1999 International UFO Symposium will be held at the Hyatt Regency Crystal City, 2799 Jefferson Davis Highway, Arlington, Va. 22202 near the renamed Ronald Reagan National Airport on July 2, 3, and 4, 1999. The theme of the 1999 Symposium "Transcending Politics and Comfort Zones in Ufology," which is apropos due to the proximity of Washington, D.C., just across the Potamac River.