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ACARS (Aircraft Communications Adressing and Reporting System)

ACARS Frequencies 

131.725 MHz ACARS Primary channel for Europe 
131.525 MHz ACARS Tertiary channel for Europe 
136.900 MHz ACARS Channel logged near London 
131.550 MHz ACARS Primary channel for North America 
130.025 MHz ACARS Secondary channel for North America 
129.125 MHz ACARS Tertiary channel for North America 
131.475 MHz Company channel for Air Canada and some European airlines in North America 
131.125 MHz ACARS channel local to ORD so far 
131.550 MHz ACARS Primary channel for Asia/Pacific 
131.450 MHz ACARS Primary channel for Japan 
130.450 MHz Overflow ACARS channel in use in the Washington, Boston, Chicago, and DFW areas 

Washington Area Frequency Usage

131.550-DL,UA,US,AA,TW,CO,NW,bizjets,international carriers,KW,W9 
130.450-AA,DL,TW,US - all IAD domestic final approaches are switched here 
130.025-US/UA/AA/DL/NW/TW-very heavy traffic in the Washington, DC area - all IAD domestic departures are here 
129.125-UA/AA/US/NW/IAD uplinks channel, in range channel for AA, US 

Decoding ACARS 

Two Letter abbreviations 

AO	Passenger count in zone A (first class)
AL      Flight level
OA	Passenger count in zone A (first class)
OB	Passenger count in zone B (business class)
OA	Passenger in zone A (first class)
OB	Passenger count in zone B (business Class)
OC	Passenger count in zone C (coach class)
AL	Flight level
CG 	Center of gravity
CI 	Cost index
CL	Cruising level
CR	Company route
CW 	Cruise wind
CZ 	Crusing speed {KT knots or M mach}
DA 	Departure aerodrome
DG 	Drag factor
DP 	Dew point
DS 	Destination station
DX 	Long Distance
E1-9 	Engine parameters
EO 	Estimated time over ;
ET      Estimated time
FB 	Amount of fuel boarded
FC 	Estimated further clearance
FD 	Fuel over destination
FF 	Fuel flow factor in pounds per hour
FI 	Flight Identification
FL	Flight level
FO 	First officer
FR 	Fault report prefix
FX 	Enroute fix
GA	?
GL 	Geographical location
HD	Aircraft heading
IC 	Aircraft icing
IN 	Time in
IR 	In range (of VHF radio) also Instrument Rated
J2	?
LA	Identification of officer landing aircraft
LT 	Light
MA 	Message assurance
MN 	Maintenance
MT 	Maximum takeoff power computation
MU	Management Unit
N1 	Speed of turbine 1
N2 	Speed of turbine 2
NA 	Navigation (NAV) aid
NL 	Number of landings
NP	Next report point
OB	Passenger count in zone B (business class)
OC	Passenger count in zone C (coach class)
OF 	Time off
ON 	Time on
OP 	Oil pressure
OS 	Other supplementary information
OT 	Time out or oil temperature
OV 	Present location (over)
PB	Number of persons on board
PD 	Point of departure
PW 	Position weather
QN	Altimeter settings
RD	Departure runway
RF 	Request flight level
RI	Return in time
RL 	Requesting cruising level
RM	Remarks
RO 	Return on time
RQ 	Request
RT 	Route information
RL 	Request cruising level
SA 	Alternative aerodrome
SI 	Special communication adressing instruction
SK 	Sky conditions
SL 	Selcal code
SP 	Significant point
ST 	Standard takeoff power
TA 	Static air temperature
TB 	Turbulence
TD 	Takeoff temperature
TE 	Time enroute
TM 	Surface air temperature
TO 	Time over
TP 	Transmission path
V1 	Velocity 1  Can stop on runway - the velocity at which the pilot
    	can still close throttles and stop safely.
VR 	Rotate - Velocity at which the pilot pulls back on yoke.
VR	Runway visual range
V2 	Velocity 2 full - velocity at which aircraft actually flies.
WL	Weather
WP 	Way point
WR	Warning prefix
WV 	Wind information
WR 	Warning prefix
WX 	Weather
ZW 	Zero fuel weight

THREE LETTER Abbreviations
ADF 	Automatic dirction finding
ADS	Automatic dependent surveillance
AEP 	Fixed ICAO format position report with weather
AGM 	Start of standard message
ALT	Altitude
ALT 	Altimeter
AML		Aircraft Maintenance Log 
APP 	Approach
APU 	Auxiliary power unit
ATA 	Actual time of arrival
AUW 	All up weight
AWD 	Automated weather data
BBG 	in reference to HAZMAT. cargo
BKN 	Broken
CHP 	Chop
CLR 	Clear ;
CPT 	Captain
CRZ 	used in conjunction with engine data (cruise)
CTL 	Control
CVG 	Covering
DAL     Radioham
DAI 	Display aircraft itinerary
DBI 	Data base initialization-update
DDG 	in reference to HAZMAT cargo
DDX 	Display dispatch message
DEV 	Display aircraft deviations
DFR	Display flight routing
DLD 	in reference to cargo
DTX 	Display text
EAC 	Expect approach clearance
EDA 	Engine data Fo.Ctvs
EDF     Engine data Follows
EFC 	Expect final clearance
EGT 	Exhaust Gas Thrust
ENG 	Engine data
EOK 	Everything "OK"
EON 	Expected touchdown time
EPR 	Exhaust pressure ratio
ERR 	Error message
ERT 	Estimated ramp time
ELT 	Estimated Landing Time
FAA	Federal Aviation Administration 
FDD 	Flight data recorder information
FDR	Flight data recorder
FLR 	Fault report
FLR	Failure
FLT 	Flight
FMC	Flight Management Computer
FMS	Flight Management System
FOB 	Fuel on board 
FPR 	Flightplan request 
FQY 	Frequency 
FRM	Maintenance codes 
FCS	Flight control systems
FTM 	Used before waypoint name
GEN	Generator 
GPU	Ground power unit
GMT	Greenwich Mean Time
HDG 	Heading
IAS 	Indicated air speed
IDG	Integrated Drive Generator
IFR 	Instrument flight rules
LEG	Flight sequence from engine start to next engine stop 
LIF 	Request for Load information (weight and balance)
LND 	Landing
LOM 	Locator outer marker
LWT 	Landing weight
MAC	Deviation of center of gravity due to Loading in pct 
MCH 	Mach (aircraft speed)
MEL 	Minimum essential list (maintenance codes)
MSA 	Minimum safe altitude
MSL 	Mean sea level
NDP 	Non-directional beacon
NRP	No report (?)
NVD 	No visual defects
OAT 	Outside air temperature
OCA 	Ocean control area
OCC 	Occasional (weather)
OFF 	Off time
OUT 	Out time
OVR 	Over
PAX 	Passenger
PCU 	Power control unit
POD 	Point of descent
POS 	Position
PWD 	Predicted Weather(wind?) Data
PWI	Predicted Wind Info	
QFE 	Airport elevation altimeter pressure setting
QNF 	Mean sea level altimeter pressure setting
RCA 	Reached cruise speed altitude
REV 	in reference to cargo
RGS	Remote Ground Station
REQ	Request
ROC 	Rate of climb
ROD	Rate of descent
RVR	Runway visual range &
RWY     Runway
SAT 	Static air temperature
SMI 	Standard message identifiers |
SMT 	Standard message text :;;
STA 	Station :
TAS	True airspeed 
TAT	True air temperature
T/O 	Take off :;
TDX 	with regards to fuel
TEI 	Text element identifiers 
TIS 	ATIS information
TKO	Takeoff
TOG	Take Off gross Weight
TPS 	Runway information
TRB 	Turbulence
TYP 	Type
TYP     Type 1 weather request
TYP     Type 2 weather request
UHF	Ultra High Frequency
UTC	Universal Coordinate Time 
VEC 	Vector
VHF 	Very High Frequency 
VOR 	Very high frequency omni-directional radio range
WND	Wind (direction/velocity)
WOB	Weather observation
WRN	Warning
WXA	Weather at
WXR	Weather 


ADNS	ARINC Data Network Service
APRCH 	Approach
ARINC	Aeronautical Radio Inc.
ATIS	Automatic Terminal Information Service 
AWDAF	Automated Weather Data-Area Forecast
AWDFT	Automated Weather Data-Terminal Area Forecast
AWDSA	Automated Weather Data-Air route Forecast
CFDIU	Combined Flight Data Indicator Unit	
CLIMB 	Climbing
CRUISE  Cruise level
DESCEN  Descending
DFDAU	Digital Flight Data Acquisition Unit
DPTR	Departure
FAA	Federal Aviation Administration
FDR 	Flight data recorder
FMC	Flight Management Computer
IATA	International Air Transportation Association
ICAP	International Civil Aviation Organization
INCLIMB In climb
INRANG	In range of (VHF)
INRP	In report
IR	Instrument rated
INOP	Inoperative   
LEVEL	Level flight
LIVE	Live cargo (animals) ;
MAAS	Meet ansd assist 
NON-FDE	Faults Non Critical Faults,
        Aircraft is air worthy usual cabin and lighting faults 
NOSIG	No Significant change
OFFRP	Off report
ONRP 	On report
OUTRP 	Out report
PLTOKL	Internal addressing within Computer System
PIREP	Pilot's report
POSWX 	Position weather
RGS	Remote Ground Station
SMI	Standard Message Identifiers
SMT	StandarJ Message Text
TEI	Text Element Identifiers
TRIM	Required Compensation of MAC 
UDCS	Undercast sky
UDCST 	Undercast sky
WCHR	Wheelchair 
WXRQ 	Weather request
XPDR 	Transponder

A2   Botswana 
HS   Thailand 
TJ   Cameroon
A3   Tonga 
HZ   Saudi Arabia 
TL   CentralAfrican Republic
A5   Bhutan 
I    Italy TN Congo
A6   United Arab Emirates 
J2   Djibouti 
TR   Gabon
A7   Qatar
J3   Grenada 
TS   Tunisia
A9C  Bahrain 
J5   Guinea Bissau 
TT   Chad
A40  Oman 
J6   St. Lucia 
TU   IvoryCoast
AN   Nicaragua 
J7   Dominica 
TY   Benin
AP   Pakistan 
J8   St.Vincent&Grenadines 
TZ   Mali

B    China 
JA   Japan  
UK   Uzbekistan
B    Taiwan  
JY   Jordan 
UR   Ukraine

C2   Nauru 
LN   Norway 
V2   Antigua
C3   Andorra  
LV-Q Argentina 
V2   Barbuda
C5   Gambia 
LX   Luxembourg 
V3   Belize
C6   Bahamas 
LZ   Bulgaria  
V8   Brunei
C    Canada 
N    United States 
VH   Australia
CC   Chile  
N    Puerto Rico 
VN   Vietnam
CN   Morocco 
N    U.S. Virgin Islands 
VPF  Falkland Islands
CP   Bolivia 
N    Guam 
VPH  Belize
CS   Portugal 
OB   Peru 
VPLA Antigua
CU   Cuba 
OD   Lebanon 
VPLV British Virgin Islands
CX   Uruguay 
OE   Austria 
VQL  Turks & Caicos

D2   Angola 
OH   Finland 
VRB  Bermuda
D4   Cape Verde Islands 
OK   Czech Republic 
VRC  Cayman Islands
D6   Comoros Islands 
OO   Belgium 
VRH  Hong Kong
D    Germany 
OY   Denmark 
VT   India
DQ   Fiji 
P2   Papua NewGuinea 
XA-C Mexico
EC   Spain 
     North Korea 
XT   Upper Volta
El-J Ireland 
PH   Netherlands 
XU   Kampuchia
EL   Liberia 
Pl   Philippines 
XW   Laos  
EP   Iran 
PJ   Dutch West Indies 
XY-Z Myanmar
ET   Ethiopia 
PK   Indonesia 
YA   Afganistan
F    France 
PP-T Brazil 
Yl   Iraq
F    French Guiana 
PZ   Surinam 
YK   Syria
F    Guadeloupe 
RA   Russia 
YL   Latvia
F    Martinique 
RP   Philippines 
YN   Nicaragua
F    New Caledonia 
S2   Bangladesh 
YR   Romania
F    Polynesia 
S5   Slovenia 
YS   El Salvador
F    Reunion Islands 
S7   Seychelles 
YU   Yugoslavia
G    United Kingdom 
S9   Sao Tome 
YV   Venezuela
HA   Hungary 
SE   Sweden 
Z    Zimbabwe
HB   Switzerland 
SP   Poland 
ZA   Albania

HC   Ecuador 
ST   Sudan 
ZK-M New Zealand
HH   Haiti 
SU   Egypt 
ZP   Paraguay
HL   Dominican Republic 
SX   Greece ZS-U South Africa
HK   Colombia 
TC   Turkey
HL   Korea 
TF   Ireland
HP   Panama 
TG   Guatemala
HR   Honduras 
TT   Costa Rica

ICAO IATA Airline                         Country 

AAL  AA   American Airlines               USA 
ACA  AC   Air Canada                      Canada 
AFL  SU   Aeroflot                        Russian Fedaration
AFR  AF   Air France                      France 
AIC  Al   Air India                       India 
AJM  JM   Air Jamaica                     Jamaica 
ALK  UL   Air Lanka                       Sri Lanka 
AML  QM   Air Malawi                      Malawi 
AMX  MX   Aeronaves de Mexico             Mexico 
AMY       Air Mali                        Mali 
ANA  NH   All Nippon Airways              Japan 
ANZ  NZ   Air NewZealand                  NewZealand 
APE       Air Parcel Express              USA 
ARG  AR   Aero Argentinas                 Argentina
ATC  TC   Air Tanzania                    Tanzania 
ATG  AX   Air Togo                        Togo 
AVA  AV   Avianea                         Colombia 
AVE  VE   Avensa                          Venezuela 
AWE  HP   America West                    USA  
AZA  AZ   Alitalia                        Italy
AZR  QC   Air Zaire                       Zaire
AZW  WX   Air Zimbabwe                    Zimbabwe
BAW  BA   British Airways                 UK
BKT  KT   British Caledonian Air          UK 
BOT  BP   AJF Botswana                    Botswana 
BWA  BW   West Indian                     Trinidad
CAL  Cl   China Airlines                  Taiwan
CAY  KX   Cayman Airways                  UK 
CCA  CA   Air China                       China 
CDN  CP   Canadian Airlines Intl          Canada
CFG  DE   Condor Flugdienst               Germany 
COA  CO   Continental Airlines            USA 
CPA  CX   Cathay Pacific Airways          Hongkong 
DAH  AH   AirAlgerie                      Algeria 
DAL  DL   Delta Airlines                  USA 
DEN  DX   Danair A/S                      Denmark 
DHL  ER   DHL Airways                     USA 
DLH  LH   Deutsche Lufthanse              Germany 
EAL  EA   Eastern Airlines                USA 
EDA       Andes                           Ecuador 
EIN  EL   Air Lingus                      Ireland 
ELY  LY   El Al                           Israel 
EMB       Empressa Brasileira             Brazil 
ETH  ET   Ehiopian Airlines               Ethiopia 
EVA  BR   Eva Airlines                    Taiwan 
EXA       Execaire Aviation               Canada 
FAN  FF   Bradley First Air               Canada 
FDX  MB   Federal Express Corp.           USA
FIN  AY   Finair                          Finland
FTL  FT   FlyingTigerLine                 USA
FWL       Florida West Airlines           USA
GAW  GW   Gambia Airways                  Gambia
GHA  GH   Ghana Airways Corp.             Ghana
GUY  GY   AirGuyana                       Guyana
HAL  HA   Hawaiian Airlines               USA
HAL  HA   Hawaiian Airlines               USA
HHH       Air West Intl.                  USA
HJA  HJ   Air Haiti                       Haiti
HTT  HT   Air Chad                        Chad
IAW  IA   Iraqi Airways                   Iraq 
IBE  IB   Iberia Airlines                 Spain
ICE  FL   Icelandair                      Iceland
IFL       Interflug                       Germany
IQQ  IQ   Caribbean Airways               Barbados
IRA  IR   Iran National Airlines          Iran
JAL  JL   Japan Airlines                  Japan
JAW       Jamahirbya Airways              Libya
KAC  KU   Kuwait Airways                  Kuwait
KAL  KE   Korean Airlines                 Korea
KLM  KL   Royal Dutch Airlines            Holland
KQA  KQ   Kenya Airlines                  Kenya
LAE       L.A.Colombianas                 Colombia
LAI  QL   Lesotho Airways                 Lesotho
LAN  LA   L.A.Nacional de Chile           Chile
LAP  PZ   L.A. Paraguayas                 Paraguay
LGL  LG   Luxair                          Luxembourg
LTU  LT   Luftransport Untemeh            Germany
LWA  HY   Liberian World Airlines         Liberia
MAU  MK   Air Mauritius                   Mauritius
MDG  MD   Air Madagascar                  Malagasy
MEA  ME   Middle East Airlines            Lebanon
MPH  MP   Matinair                        Holland
MSR  MS   EgyptAir                        Egypt
NCA  KZ   Nippon CargoAirlines            Japan
NOS       NorwayAirlines                  Norway
NWA  NW   NorthwestOrient                 USA
OAL  OA   Olympic Airways                 Greece
PAI  PL   Piedmont Aviation               USA
PAL  PR   Philippine Air Lines            Philippine
PIA  PK   Pakistan Intl. Airlines         Pakistan
POL  LO   Polskie Linie Lotnicze          Poland
QBA       Quebec Air                      Canada
QFA  QF   QantasAirways                   Australia
RAM  AT   Royal AirMaroc                  Morocco
RJA  RJ   Royal Jordanian                 Jordan
RNA  RA   Royal Nepal Airlines            Nepal
RWD  UW   Air Rwanda                      Rwanda
SAA  SA   South African Airways Rep.S.    Africa
SAB  SN   Sabena                          Belgium
SAS  SK   Scandinavian Airlines           Sweden
SDR       SoundairCorp.                   Canada
SEY  HM   Air Seychelles                  Seychelles
SGL       Senegalair                      Senegal
SIA  SQ   Singapore Airlines              Singapore
SUD  SD   Sudan Airways                   Sudan
SVA  SV   Saudi Arabian Airlines S.       Arabia
SWA  SR   Swissair                        Switzerland
TAP  TP   Transportes. A. Portug.         Portugal
THA  TG   Thai Airways Intl.              Thailand
THY  TK   Turkish Airlines                Turkey
TPC  TY   AirCaledonie                    France
TWA  TW   Trans World Airlines            USA
UAL  UA   United Airlines                 USA
UGA  QU   Uganda Airlines                 Uganda
UPS  SX   United Parcel Service           USA
USA  US   U.S. AIR                        USA
ZAC  QZ   Zambia Airways                  Zambia

ABQ     KABQ    Albuquerque      NM. USA   
ACA     MMAA    Acupulco         Mexico
ACC     DGAA    Accra            Ghana
ACD     KACK    Nantucket        MA. USA
ADD     HAAB    Addis Ababa      Etheopia    
ADL     YPAD    Adelaide-SA      Australia 
AEP     SABE    Buenos Aires     Argentina 
AGP     LEMG    Malaga           Spain
AIA     KAIA    Alliance         NE. USA
AKL     NZAA    Auckland         New Zealand
ALB     KALB    Albany           NY. USA
ALG     DAAA    Algiers          Algeria
ALO     KALO    Waterloo         USA
AMA     KAMA    Amarillo         TX. USA
AMM     OJAI    Amman            Jordan 
AMS     EHAM    Amsterdam        Netherlands
ANC     KANC    Anchorage        AK. USA       
ANR     EBAW    Antwerp          Belgium
ANU     TAPA    Antiqua          Antiqua
ARN     ESSA    Stockholm        Sweden
ASU     SGAS    Asuncion         Paraguay
ATH     LGAT    Athens           Greece
ATL     KATL    Atlanta          GA. USA
AUA     TNCA    Aruba            Aruba
AUH     OMAA    Abu Dhabi        UAE
AUH     OMAA    Abu Dhabi        UAE
AUS     KAUS    Austin           Tx. USA
AXA     TQPF    Anguilla         Antigua

BAH     OBBI    Bahrain          Bahrain 
BCM     VABB    Bombay           India 
BCN     LEBL    Barcelona        Spain
BDA     TXKF    Bermuda          Nassau 
BDL     KBDL    Hartford         CT. USA
BEN     HLLB    Benghazi         Libya
BEY     OLBA    Beirut           Lebanon
BFL     KBFL    Bakersfield      CA. USA
BFS     EGGA    Belfast          UK 
BGI	TBPB    Barbados         Barbados
BGO	ENBR    Bergen		 Norway       	               
BGW     ORBS    Baghdad          Iraq
BHM     KBHM    Birmingham       AL. USA
BHX     EGBB    Birmingham       UK
BKK     VTBD    Bangkok          Thailand
BKL     KCLE    Cleveland        OH. USA
BKO     GAAB    Bamako           Mali  
BLL     EFBI    Bilund           Denmark 
BLL     EKBI    Billund          Denmark
BNA     KBNA    Nashville        TN. USA 
BNE     YBBN    Brisbane-Qlnd    Australia
BOG     SKBO    Bogota           Columbia
BON     TNCB    Bonaire          Neth.Ant
BOS     KBOS    Boston           MA. USA
BQN     TJBQ    Borinquen        PR. USA
BRE     EDDW    Bremen           Germany 
BRG     LYBE    Belgrade         Serbia
BRN     LSZB    Berne            Switzerland
BRS     EGGD    Bristol 	 UK 
BRU     EBBR    Brussels         Belgium
BSB     SBBR    Brasilia         Brazil
BSL     LFSB    BaleEuroAirport  Switzerland
BUD     HAPB    Budapest         Hongary
BUD     LHBP    Budapest         Hungary
BUF     KBUF    Buffalo          NY. USA
BUH     LROP    Bucharest        Romania
BWI     KBWI    Baltimore        MD. USA
BZE     MZBZ    Belize City      Belize
BZV     FCBB    Brazzaville      Congo 

CAI     HECA    Cairo            Egypt
CCS     SVMI    Caracas          Venezuela
CCU	VECC    Calcutta         India
CDG     LFPG    ParisDeGaulle    France
CGN     EDDK    Cologne-Bonn     Germany       
CGX     KORD    Chicago Meighs   IL. USA
CHC     NZCH    Christchurch     New Zealand
CHI     KORD    Chicago          IL USA
CKY     GUCI    Conakry-Gbesia   Guinea 
CLE     KCLE    Cleveland        OH. USA
CLT     KCLT    Charlotte        NC. USA
CMB     VCBI    Colombo          Sri Lanka
CMH     KCMH    Columbus         OH. USA
CMN     GMMN    CsablncaMhmd V   Marocco 
CPH     EKCH    Khavn-Kastrup    Denmark 
CPT     FACT    Capetown         RSA 
CUN     MMUN    Cancun           Mexico
CUR     TNCC    Curacao          Neth. Antilles
CVG     KCVG    Cincinatti       OH. USA
CWL     EGFF    Cardiff          UK 

DAC     VGZR    Dhaca            Bangladesh 
DAL     PDAL    Bert             VanDalen 
DAM     OSDI    Damascus         Syria 
DAR     HTDA    Dar es Salaam    Tanzania
DAY     KDAY    Dayton           OH
DCA     KDCA    Washington DC    National 
DDL     MMGL    Guadalajara      Mexico
DEL     VIDP    Delhi            India 
DEN     KDEN    Denver           CO USA
DET     KDET    Detroit          MI USA
DFW     KDFW    Dallas-Ft.Worth  TX USA
DHR     OEDR    Dahran           Saudi Arabia 
DOH     OTBD    Doha             Qatar 
DPS     WRRR    Denpassar-Bali   Indonesia 
DSM     KDSM    Des Moines       TA USA
DUB     EIDW    Dublin           Ireland
DUS     EDDL    Duesseldorf      Germany
DXB     OMOB    Dubai            UAE 
EDI     EGPH    Edenburgh        UK     
ENA     GFLL    Freetown         Siera Leone 
ESS     EDLE    Essen            Germany
EWR     KEWR    Newark           NJ USA
EZE     SADD    B-A-Pistarini    Argentina 
EZE     SABE    Buenos Aires     Argentina
FAI     PAFA    Fairbanks        AK USA
FCO     LIRF    Fumicino Rome    Italy 
FDF     TFFF    Fort of France   Martinique
FIH     FZAA    N'Djili          Zaire    
FLL     KFLL    Ft Launderdale   FL USA
FNJ     DKPY    Pyongyang        N.Korea
FPO     MYGF    Freeport         Bahamas
FRA     EDDF    Frankfurt        Germany

GCI     EGJB    Guernsey         UK USA
GCM     MMCR    Grand Cayman     Cayman Islands
GDT     MBGT    Gnd Turk         Brit. West Indies
GFK     MGFK    Grand Forks      ND USA
GGT     MYEG    George Town      Bahamas
GHE     SEGU    Guayquil-Segu    Ecuador 
GIG     SBRJ    Rio de Janero    Brazil
GLA     EGPF    Glasgow          UK USA
GRR     KGRR    Grand Rapids     MI USA
GSE     EGSP    Gotenburg        Sweden 
GSP     KGSP    Greenville       SC USA
GUA     MGGT    Guatamala Cty    Guatamala
GUM     PGAC    Guam             Guam
GVA     LSGG    Geneva           Switzerland
GWW     EDBG    Berlin-Gatow     Germany 

HAJ     EDVV    Hannover         Germany
HAJ     EDDV    Hannover         Germany
HAM     EDDH    Hamburg          Germany
HAV     MUHA    Havanna          Cuba
HEL     EFHF    Helsinki         Finland 
HEL     EFHK    Helsinki-Vaata   Finland
HKG     VHHH    Hong-Kong        Hong Kong
HKI     OPKC    Karachi          Pakistan
HND	RJTT	Hanada Tokyo	 Japan
HNL     PHNL    Honolulu         Hawai 
HRE     FVHA    Harare           Zimbabwe 
HSV     KHSV    Huntsville       AL USA

IBZ 	LEIB	Ibiza		 Baleares Islands Spain     
IAD     KIAD    Washinton        DC USA
IAH     KIAH    Houston-Intl     Texas
ICT     KICT    Wichita          KS USA
IEV     URRK    Kiev             Ukraine 
IND     KIND    Indianapolis     IN USA
INN	LOWI	Innsbruck	 Austria	     
ISP     KISP    Islip            NY USA
IST     LTBA    Istanbul         Turkey
ITO     PHTO    Hilo             HI USA

JAD     YPJT    Jandacot-WA      Australia 
JAX     KJAX    Jacksonville     FL USA 
JDM     KJDM    Miami Intl       FL USA
JED     OEJN    Jeddah           Saudi Arabia
JFK     KJFK    NewYorkKennedy   NY USA
JGK     WIII    Djakarta         Indonesia 
JGQ     KJGQ    Houston-Transco  TX USA
JNB     FAJS    Johannesburg     RSA 
JNU     PAJN    Juneau           AK USA
JRO     HTKJ    Kilimanjaro      Tanzania 

KAN     DNJN    Kano             Nigeria 
KEF     BIKF    Kevlavik         Iceland
KHI     OPKC    Karachi          Pakistan 
KIN     MKJP    Kingston         Jamaica 
KIX     RJBB    Kansai           Japan
KIX     RJOO    OsakaKansaiInt   Japan
KRT     HSSS    Khartoum         Sudan 
KUH	RJCK	Kushiro	         Japan		    
KUL     WMKK    Kuala Lumpur     Malasia 
KWI     OKBK    Kuwait           Kuwait
LAS     KLAS    Las Vegas        NV USA
LAX     KLAX    Los Angeles      CA USA
LBB     KLBB    Lubbock          TX USA
LBG	LFPB	LeBourgetParis   France            
LCA     LCLK    Larnaca          Cyprus 
LEY     EHLE    Lelystad         Netherlands 
LGA     KLGA    New York La.Gu.  NY USA
LGW     EGKK    London Gatwick   UK
LHR     EGLL    Londen Heatrow   UK
LIM     SPIM    Lima             Peru
LIN     LIML    Milan-Linate     Italy 
LIS     LPPT    Lisbon           Portugal
LKE     KLKE    Seattle          Lake Union WA USA
LLW     FWKI    Lilonwe          Ghana 
LOS     DNMM    LagosMurtalla    Nigeria
LOS     DVMM    Lagos            Nigeria 
LPA     GCLP    Gran Canaria     Canary Islands 
LPG     SLLP    La Paz           Bolivia
LPL     EGGP    Liverpool        England
LUX     ELLX    Luxembourg       Luxemburg
LYS     LFLL    Lyon-Satolas     France
MAD     LEAR    Madrid           Spain
MAN     EGCC    Manchester       England
MCI     KMCI    Kansas City      MO USA
MCM     LMNC    Monte Carlo      Monaco
MCO     KMCO    Orlando          FL USA
MDW     KMDW    Chicago          Il USA
MDY	PMDY	Midway NAF	 Midway Island
MEL     YMML    Melbourne-Vic    Australia 
MEM     KMEM    Memphis          TN USA
MEX     MMXX    Mexico City      Mexico   
MGA     MNMG    Managua          Nicaragua
MGM     KMGM    Montgomery       AL USA
MGQ     HCMM    Mogadishu        Somalia
MHG     EDFM    Mannheim         Germany
MIA     KMIA    Miami            FL USA  
MKE     KMNE    Milwauki         WI USA
MLE	VRMM	Male Intnl	 Maldives
MLH     LFSB    Basel-Mulhouse   Switzerland
MNL     RPMM    Manilla          Philipines 
MOB     KMOB    Mobile           AL USA
MOW     MRKW    Moscow           Russia  
MRS     LFML    Marseille        France
MSP     KMSP    Minneapolis      MN USA
MSY     KMSY    New Orleans      LA USA
MTH     KMTH    Maraton          FL USA
MUC     EDDM    Munich           Germany
MVD     SUMJ    Montevideo       Uruguay 
MXP     LIMC    Milan-Malpensa   Italy
NAN     NFFN    Nandi            Fiji
NAS     MYNN    Nassau           Bahamas 
NBO     HKNA    Nairobi          Kenya
NCE     LFMN    Nice             France
NDJ     FTTJ    N'Djamena        Chad
NEG     MKNG    Negril           Jamaica 
NGO     RJNN    Nagoya           Japan     
NJE     EDDN    Nurnberg         Germany
NRT     RJAA    Tokyo-Narrata    Japan
NYC     KEWR    NewYork Newark   NY USA

OAK     KAOK    SanFisco-Oaklnd  CA USA
OCF     KOCF    Ocala            FL USA
OGG     PHOG    Kahului          HI USA
OKC     KOKC    Oklahoma City    OK USA
OMA     KOMA    Omaha            NE USA
ONT     KONT    Ontario          CA USA
ORD     KORD    Chicago-O'Hare   IL USA
ORF     KORF    Norfolk          VA USA
ORK     EICK    Cork             Ireland 
ORL     KORL    Orlando FL  
ORY     LFPO    Paris-Orly       France
OSA     RJOY    Osaka            Japan
OSL     ENOS    Oslo             Norway
OSU     KOSU    Columbus         OH USA

PAP     MTPP    Port au Prince   Haiti
PBM     SMZP    Paramaribo       Surinam
PBO     KPBI    W Palm Beach     FL USA
PDX     KPDX    Portland         OR USA   
PEK     BABJ    Beijing          China
PER     YPPH    Perth-WA         Australia 
PFN     KPHL    Panama City      FL USA 
PHL     KPHL    Philadelphia     PA USA
PHX     KPHX    Phoenix          AZ USA
PIA     KPIA    Peoria IL 
PIE     KPIE    St Petersburg    FL USA
PIK     EGPK    Prestwick        UK
PIT     KPIT    Pittsburgh       PA USA
PRG     LKGT    Pragua           Czech.Rep
PSP     KPSP    Palm springs     CA USA
PVD     KPVD    Providance       RI USA
PVR     MMPR    Puerto-Valarta   Mexico
PWK     KPWK    Chicgo-Wheeling  IL USA
PWM     KPWM    Portland         ME USA

QZY     MYGM    Nassau           Bahamas 

RDU     KROU    Raleigh-Durham   NC USA
RIC     KRIC    Richmond         VA USA 
RIO     SBGL    Rio de Janeiro   Brazil
RKE     EKRK    Khavn-Roskilde   Denmark 
RNO     KRNO    Reno             NV USA
ROA     KROA    Roanoke          VA USA
ROC     KROC    Rochester        NY USA
ROM     LIRF    Rome             Italy
RST     KRST    Rochester        MI USA
RTM     EHRD    Rotterdam        Holland
RUH	OERK	Jeddah		 Saudi Arabia
SAL     MSLP    San Salvador     El Salvador
SAN     KSAN    San Diego        CA USA
SAO     SBSP    Sao Paulo        Brazil
SAT     KSAT    San Antonio      TX USA 
SBB     MISX    St. Croix        Virgin Islands
SCL     SCEM    Santago          Chile
SDF     KSDF    Lousisville      KY USA
SDQ     MDSD    Santo Domingo    Dom. Rep
SEA     KSEA    Seattle-Tacoma   WA
SEL     RKSS    Seoul            S-Korea
SFJ     MIST    St. John         Virgin Island
SFJ     BGSF    SondreStromfjrd  Greenland
SFO     KSFO    San Fransico     CA USA
SFX     EDBT    Berlin-Tegel     Germany
SGN     VVTS    HoChiMin City    Vietnam 
SHA     ZSLL    Shanghai         China
SIN     WSSS    Changi Intnl	 Singapore
SJC     KSJC    San Jose         CA USA
SJO     MRPV    San Jose         Costa Rica
SJU     TSJU    San Juan         PR USA
SKB     TKPK    St.Kitts         Leeward Isl;
SLC     KSLC    Salt Lake City   UT USA
SLE     XXXX    Salem            OR USA
SLU     XXXX    St. Lucia      
SMA     LPAZ    Santa Maria      Azores 
SMF     KSMF    Sacramento       CA USA
SNN     EINN    Shannon          Ireland
SNN     EIAA    Shannon          Eireland
SOF     LZSO    Sofia            Bulgaria
SOF     LBSF    Sofia-Intl       Bulgaria
SPB     XXXX    St Thomas        Virgin Islands 
SRQ     KSRQ    Sarasota         FL USA
STI     XXXX    Santiago         Dom. Rep
STL     KSTL    St. Louis        MO  USA
STO     ESCN    Stockholm        Sweden
STT     MDSD    St. Thomas       Virgin Isl.
SVD     TVSV    St Vincent       Windward Isl.
SXF     EDBG    BerlinSchonefld  Germany
SYD     ASSS    Sydney           Australia
SYR     KSYR    Seracuse         NY USA
SZG	LOWS	Salzburg	 Austria

TAB     MKPS    Topago           Trinidad & Tob.
THF     EDBB    Berlin-Tmplhof   Germany
TLH     KTLH    Talahassee       FL USA
TLV     LLBG    Tel Aviv         Israel
TOL     KTOL    Toledo           OH USA
TOP     KTOP    Topeka           KS USA
TPA     KTPA    Tampa            FL USA 
TPE     RTCP    Taipeh           Taiwan
TUN     DTTA    Tunis            Tunesia
TUS     KTUS    Tucson           AZ USA 
TXL     EDBT    Berlin-Tegel     Germany
TYO     RFTT    Tokyo            Japan
TYS     KTYS    Knoxville        TN USA

VIE     LOWW    Vienna-Schwgat   Austria
VTE     VLAO    Vientiane        Laos

WAW     EPWA    Warszawa         Poland
WAW     HTZA    Zanziar          Tanzania
WLG     NZWN    Wellington       New Zealand   
WLG     NZKL    Wellington       New Zealand

XXX     SCCP    Casablanca       Chile  
XXX     GMMT    CsblncTitMelli   Marocco 
XXX     LSZM    Bale             Switzerland 
XXX	LEPA    PalmaDeMallorca  Balerares Islands Spain    
XXX     SEQU    Quito            Ecuador

YAW     CYAW    Hallifax         Canada 
YEE     CYEE    Midland          Canada 
YEG     CYEG    Edmonton         Canada
YHZ     CYOW    Halifax          Canada
YMX     CYMX    Montreal         Canada
YOW     CYOW    Ottawa           Canada
YQG     CYOQ    Windsor          Canada
YQR	CYQR	Regina		 Canada      
YQX     CYQX    Gander           Canada
YQY     CYOQ    Sydney           Canada 
YUL     CYUL    Montreal         Canada
YVG     CYVG    Charlottetown    Canada 
YVR     CYVR    Vancouver        Canada
YWF     CYWF    Halifax          Canada
YWG     CYWG    Winnipeg         Canada
YXE     CYXE    Saskatoon        Canada
YYC     CYYC    Calgary          Canada 
YYG     CYYG    Charlottetown    Canada  
YYJ     CYYJ    Victoria         Canada
YYR     CYYR    Goosebay         Canada
YYT     CYYT    St Johns         Canada
YYZ     CYYZ    Toronto          Canada
ZRH     LSZH    Zurch            Switzerland

Airliner Codes

Code Airline                     Country

AA   American Airlines           USA
AC   Air Canada                  Canada
AC   Air Canada                  Canada
AF   Air France                  France
AY   Fin Air                     Finland
BA   British Airways             UK
BB   Sansa Air
BR   EVA Airlines                China
BU   Braathens S.A.F.E.
CA   Air China                   China
CP   Canadian Airlines Intl      Canada
CS   Air Toronto                 Canada
CX   Cargo-Lux Airlines          Luxemburg
CX   Cathay Pacific Airways      HongKong
DE   Condor Flugdienst           Germany
DK   DK=Unknown Carrier
DL   DeltaAirlines               USA
EK   Emerates                    United Arab Emerates
ER   DHL Airways
FX   Express Air                 USA
GF   Gulf Air                    Middle East
GS   Private flight
IB   Iberia                      Spain
JL   Japan Airlines              Japan
JP   Adria Airlines              Slovenia
KL   KLM Royal Dutch Airlines    Holland
KT   British Caledonean Air      UK
KU   Kuwait Airways              Kuwait
LH   Lufthansa                   Germany
LT   Lufttransport Untern        Germany
MH   Malaysian Airline System    Malaysia
MP   Martin Air                  Netherlands
MU   China Eastern Airlines      China
NH   All Nippon Airlines         Japan
NW   North West                  USA
NZ   New Zealand Airlines        Newzealand
QF   Quantas                     Australia
SK   SAS                         Scandinavia
SN   Sabena World Airlines       Belgium
SQ   Singapore Airlines          Singapore
SR   Swiss Air                   Switzerland
TP   TAP Air Portugal            Portugal
UA   United Airlines             USA
UP   Bahama Air                  Bahama Islands
US   US Air                      USA
VS   Virgin Atlantic Airways     UK
YP   Aero Lloyd                  Germany