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Every year FEAR is a contender for the Ripblade Cup, what aspect of their game makes them one of the top teams this season?

Locker room attitudes
Watching porn before a game, after a game, and sometimes during intermission

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Headline News

FEAR is Looking For Sponsors

For the 2002 season FEAR welcomes any and all sponsors. If interested in sponsoring the team please e-mail us at fearhockey@hotmail.com.

Ripblade Playoffs

October 22,2002:

FEAR Once Again Enters The Playoffs as 2nd Seed

This is the 3rd year in a row that FEAR just comes short of first place in the season standings (going back to FEAR's inagural season). With the playoffs starting everything seems to be going in the right direction for FEAR. With an unexpected returne of Mike Mano and ending the season on a high note with a convincing win, the team is definatly thinking about the cup.

Next Game

FEAR vs. Moradors
October 23rd @ 7:20pm

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Other Playoff Game

Texas Arionas vs Lean Swift & Scrappy
(1st v.s. 4th seeds)