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Hey now "dudes" this is your all inclusive "far out" commie mumbo jumbo hippie hangout. We are a non-registered disorganization and we want to hear from all of you (although we don't actually listen to anyone but ourselves). Our mandate is to share our bizarre ways with the world and legalize all things illegal for world peace. Bring your bongs, strung out girl/boy friends, recycled woodstock clothing, favorite commie, vegetarian, pinko recipees and any thing else "far out" and we will post it, eat it, wear it or question it's authority. YES THAT'S RIGHT we are CONFUSED NEW AGE SPIRITUALISTS and we have gone way too far and we REALLY DON'T CARE ABOUT ANYONE BUT OURSELVES. Here is a lovely peom for your reading pleasure...



Unwashed dirty hippie

Lying on the ground
Snacking on granola
Spinning round and round
He’s a pinko commie
He’s a commie clown
Too chicken to eat roast beef
Something fishy’s going down

He says he’s a free spirit

And tofu is his game
He must eat dairy free
And the best organic grain
It must not contain flour
Or make a “clucking” sound
Because hungry pinko commies don’t
Eat beef that’s roast or ground

He rises with the sun

To smoke his commie weed
Reggae in the background
Wheatgrass and bird seed
He lives a healthy lifestyle
Though he can’t get off the floor
Too stoned to cook a burger
Or answer the front door

Going no where in a hurry

He’ll tells me what to eat
I tell him he smells funny
And it's coming from his feet
So he tries to talk philosophy
and the religion of the street
I tell him Jesus hates him
because he won't eat meat

He goes on about his freedom
points at the hippy chicks he's laid
I tell him there's no women here
which means he must be gay
Tired of his bullshit
I say while rising from my seat