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Bro. Ricky Dent

Living Epistles Min.
PO Box 892
Cola., SC. 29202

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Bi-Monthly newsletter sharing personal testimonys from those receiving prayer counseling. As well as basic self innerhealing tips, & continual growth.

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The Life Reflection Tree is
specialized self evaluation test,
desing to identify negative
"Fruit to Root" patterns in
the following areas:
  • Bitter Root Judgements

  • Inner Vows

  • Basic Trust

  • Pre-natal Wounds

  • Generational Cures



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    Ministry Schedule

    1.) Prophet Dent teaches at Captial -- City -- Prophetic -- Mentoring -- School, (Cola. SC) 1st. & 3rd. Thurdays (7:30 - 10:30PM -- starting MAY 17, 2001 more info. call 1-803-748-9723) -------- 2.) Prophetic School in N. Augusta, SC at Life Changing Outreach Min. ----- 4th. Fri.---- (7:00 - 10:PM & 4th. Sunday Mornings more info. call 1-803-748-9723) ----- 3.) Speaks at Radical For Christ, Newberry SC. ----- 1st. Sunday Mthly. -------(6:00 - 9:00PM) ----- 4. ) Prophetic Prayer Breakfast held every 4th. Sat. Morning starting July 28, 2001 to Dec. 29, 2001 in Columbia, SC. at Shoney Resturant on Bushriver Rd. from 9:00AM to 12:30PM personal prophetic ministry will be taped given for a donation, Our Goal is to promote and build for the upcoming Prophetic Conference in Jan. 2002. call for more details at 803-748-9723 ------ 5.) Prophetic Presbytery Training at Zion Hopewell FGBC Gilbert, SC 2nd. Sat. (10:am - 12:00 noon & 12:30pm - 2:30pm) also prophetic team during Sunday services ---------- Prayer Counseling by appointment Sundays (2:00 - 4:30PM)at Zion Hopewell F.G.B.C.F ----- 6.) --- For more Infomation call ---- 803-748-9723

    Standards for Ethical Practice of Web Counseling

    We are committed to keeping your confidences. We abide by the National Board of Certified Counselor's Standards for the ethical.

    Practice of Web Counseling.

    What is Inner Healing?


    Inner Healing is actually the application of the Cross and resurrected life of Jesus Christ to those parts of your heart that did not fully "get the message" when we first received Jesus as Savior.

    Inner Healing is the dismantling of emotional and mental strongholds, breaking of bad habits, which keeps us reliving negative programming and falling short of the glory of God.

    Inner Healing is the sanctification process of the Holy Spirit, bring wholeness as we learn to live and walk as mature humans lead of the Spirit.

    "How is Inner Healing Ministered?

    Inner Healing is ministered through prophetic prayer counseling, which is asking the Holy Spirit to show us the "roots" (the how & why) to the negative fruits that continue to spring up within our lives. Then having a train prayer counselor, lead us to the power of the cross of Christ as we seek forgiveness and resurrection life in those areas.


    Gal. 3:24 (KJV) "Wherefore the law was our schoolmaster to bring us unto Christ that we might be justified by faith."

    Christ is the anointed one, and our anointing and power to walk by faith. As long as we walk in the spirit we are not under the law, but justified by faith.

    However when we walk in the flesh or in unrepentant the law acts as a wise school master. Revealing the negative fruit of things we have sown (conscious & subconscious sins), which have not been reckon died by our accepting His death on the cross.

    Heb. 12:15(NAS) "See to it that no one comes short of the grace of God; that no "root of bitterness springing up causes trouble, & by it many be defiled."

    "Four Scripture Laws
    To Fruit To Root Discovery

  • 1.) Honor Your Father & Mother
    Deut. 5:16 & Gal. 6:1-3

  • 2.) Judge Not that You Be Not Judge
    Matt. 7:1-2

  • 3.) Sowing & Reaping
    Gal. 6:7

  • 4.) We Become What We Judge
    Rom. 2:1


    Counseling is for those who are in need of restoration. It’s for those who have been offended, hurt emotionally, and physically, and those who have offended. Counseling is for those who are seeking to overcome bad habits, addictions, emotional wounds, depression, sexual abuse, fears, uncontrollable anger, prolong grief and loss, marriage problems, generational curses.


    First, fill out a "Confidential Client Questionnare" found below.

    Secondly, Request a copy of ministry TAPE "Secret Sacred Sins" (a introduction and personal testimony to Inner Healing). TAPE is given for donation of $20.00 Order by Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!

    Your personal profile is kept completely CONFIDENTIAL. Only the Director of Counseling & your counselor will read it.

    Thirdly, wait for a train counselor to contact you by email and set up your first appointment. First session with be conducted for 30 miniutes in a assigned ministry chat room.

    "Is There a Charge For Counseling?

    Yes there is a fee. The 1st. 30 minutes of online chat session is "FREE" for those that purchase the TAPE "Secret Sacred Sins," afterwards fees are $00.50 per. min.

  • Email Counseling: 15 minutes normal time equaling $7.50

  • Online Counseling: 30mn. - 60min. - 90min. - 2hrs.

  • Phone Counseling: 30min. - 60min. - 90min. - 2hrs.
  • We understand that people vary in their ability to pay, therefore we have set fees low. This does not imply that we are inferior or inadequate in the service we provide. Our pray ministers are not just train & experienced, but are responding to a higher call in their lives, a heart felt desire to see freedom and wholeness in people's live. We know that your gifts will be a ministry unto them as their gifts and prayers will be unto you.

    Prayer Counselors Confidential Client Information

    • Instructions for Filling out this Form

    1. Please take a minute and fill out the questions below by clicking on the space and typing your answer.
    2. Then, press the Send Form button at the bottom of the page.

    Your answers to the following questions will be helpful in planning my responses for you. Please answer each item carefully. The information you provide here is absolutely confidential! Your answers are privacy protected by our hard encryption program called PGP. What is PGP?

    • Personal Information:

    Full Name


    Please enter your complete e-mail address

    Today's Date (MM/DD/YY)

    Nickname/Name you want to be called (8 characters maximum)

    How did you learn about The Prayer Counseling Center?

    What search engine did you use?

    What keywords did you use?

    Does anyone else have access to your e-mail address?
    Yes No


    What made you pick Prophet Ricky Dent to contact?

    • For Billing and Emergency Purposes Only:

    Mailing Address




    Home Phone

    Work Phone

    • Fruit To Root Discovery Questionnaire

    What negative fruit (habits, addictions, emotional wounds, unforgiveness, uncontrollable anger etc. would like to talk about?

    What Judgements or Inner Vows have you made towards your parents? example: (I will never be like them ...)

    What areas of your life do you feel you need prayer counseling / Inner healing in and why?

    What specific things do you want to see change in your life? Do you have a specific question for a counselor?

    Have your ever received psychiatric or psychological help or counseling of any kind before?
    Yes No
    If "Yes", please explain.

    Are you on any antipsychotic, antidepressant, or anti-anxiety medications?
    Yes No
    If "Yes", please list, with dosages:

    Are you taking any other medications?
    Yes No
    If "Yes", please list, with dosages:

    • Living Arrangements

    Religious Preference

    Name of Church (If Applicable)

    Relationship Status:
    Committed Relationship

    Living Arrangement:
    With Roommate
    With Spouse
    With Family

    • Occupational Information:

    What is your occupation?

    Do you enjoy your job?
    Yes No

    • Type of Response:

    What kind of response would you prefer? (You can switch at any time)
    Email    Online Chat    Telephone 

    If you have any serious thoughts about committing suicide, online consults are not appropriate for you at this time. Please stop and call your local suicide hotline by dialing 911.

    • Important Information:

    "I consent to the conditions of e-mail counseling (services and billing) as described at counseling-connections web site, and to the confidentiality limitations (see confidentiality section below). I understand that this is not psychotherapy but a service for support and guidance. I am currently not in crisis and will actively pursue a mental health professional in my community if I have thoughts of harming myself (suicidal thoughts) or anyone else (i.e. violence, etc.)."
    Yes No

    A hard copy of the agreement is needed for our records, please mail or fax a copy of this agreement with your signature.


    Interactions between client and counselor are confidential. Unless I have permission, I will not discuss anything that transpires between us with anyone. There are three major exceptions to confidentiality this includes but is not limited to: South Carolnia Law requires all mental health professionals to report:

    1. Incidences of child or elder abuse.
    2. Intent to commit suicide.
    3. Threats to do harm to yourself or another person.

    While it is my legal responsibility to report any of the above incidents, it is also my personal and ethical responsibility to help you find a therapist in your area should such thoughts occur.

    We will put forth all effort to help you in the shortest amount of time.

    Congratulations on having the courage to take this important step.

    Looking forward to meeting you!

    Since your financial security is a serious matter please send in your credit card number through our e-mail service call "PayPal". This is a secure professional credit / debit card service. Credit card "numbers" are not given to us, only the fact that funds have been deposited within our ministry account(Living Epistles Ministries) under your name. This service helps keep our rates lower.

    If you are serious about wanting an answer to your questions please remember to return to this page & send all funds throught. "PAYPAL"

    Email Counseling:
    Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!

    Online Counseling:
    1st. 30 min. FREE (if purchased Intro. TAPE)
    Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!

    Phone Counseling:
    Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!

    FREE PC Phone Call:
    (10 min. "Q & A")


    Please Rate your
    ministry expereince with us.

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