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Building Techniques

The order in which you construct your buildings and advance up the tech tree is a very individualized process. However, there are a few general rules of thumb to live by.

Note: I donít write down when to make Concrete. If youíve played Dune 2000, I think you will know when and where to make Concrete.

Starting Build Order-

1- Construction Yard

2- Wind Trap; Upgrade Construction Yard

3- Refinery

4- Wind Trap or Barracks

5- Whatever you didnít make at #4. If you made a Barracks in #4, Upgrade it now.

At this point you should have enough power should you want to make an Outpost, you have the ability to defend your base with both Light Infantry and Troopers, and you have a steady source of income. Now comes the big decision: do you want to play defensively or offensively?

I play about 65% offensive, 35% defensive. The only units I use for defending my base are infantry, unless I have some heavy vehicles around that arenít moving towards the enemy. But they donít stay their long. Trikes have almost no defensive capability, except against the odd Saboteur or Engineer, and Quads are better used on the attack. By the time I am finished with the above build order, I might have a Gun Turret somewhere around my base, probably by the largest opening or near where my Refinery is.

Below are two different build orders: offensive and defensive. During each, build Turrets as you see fit. Good places for Turrets are by openings or important structures (Construction Yards or Refineries for example). To see the advantages and disadvantages of each Turret, see the Building Summaries section above. Also, build Silos as needed, usually about two at a time.

Defensive Build Order-

1- Light Factory

2- Wind Trap; Upgrade Light Factory

3- Heavy Factory or High Tech Factory

4- Wind Trap; Upgrade what you made in #3

5- Whatever you didnít make in #3; Wind Trap

6- Ix Research Center; Upgrade what you made in #5; Wind Trap

7- Palace

By the end of the defensive build order, you should have a couple Trikes and Quads scouting the rest of the map. You will have enough energy to support the rest of your structures, and you will be creating an army of heavy vehicles. If you are Atreides, you will have an Ornithopter Strike on the way. You will also be getting your special infantry (Fremen, Saboteur). Also, you will want another Harvester or two, with a Carryall for each Harvester you have working by #4 or #5.

Offensive Build Order-

1- Wind Trap

2- Heavy Factory or High Tech Factory

3- Light Factory; Upgrade what you made in #2

4- Whatever you didnít make in #2; Wind Trap

5- Wind Trap; Upgrade what you made in #4

6- Upgrade Light Factory; Wind Trap

7- Starport and/or Refinery (optional)

8- Ix Research Center; Wind Trap

9- Heavy Factory

10- Palace

At the end of the offensive build order, you have two Heavy Factories that speed up the rate at which you get your army. If you made a Starport, you can bring in a quick group of units to aid in a surprise attack, and if you made an extra Refinery, than you should be bringing in cash very quickly. You must still keep to the Harvester rule (1 Carryall per 1 Harvester), but with two Refineries there is room for exception (3 Carryalls for 4 Harvesters for example). You will have Devastators or Sonic Tanks (depending on the House youíre playing) and you should have already used an Ornithopter Strike. If youíre Harkonnen, youíll have a Death Hand Missile prepping.

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