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The Old dirty pollock

It all began a long, long time ago... One dark, cold winter morning, a young lad named Jesse Trawinski went over to his friend's house to play nintendo(8-bit... the original Nintendo... told you it was a long time.) His friend's name was Nosaj Sllohcin, a young lad from England. The two had been friends for some time, and they both noticed that Nosaj had a gift... the gift of guitar. Jesse and Jason had a great idea... the idea that they should be in a rock and roll band!!

The band composed of the two miscreants went through many changes. First it was to be a metal band named Rapture(rumor has it that a music video of Nirvana's "Rape Me", filmed near their houses still exsists... however its whereabouts are unknown)then they discovered the magic known as PUNK ROCK The band then went though 7,451 name changes... but finally the two agreed upon the name "Good Ship Lolly Punk"

The band grew in size, its' two members rapidly became four. The new members were Ulrich, on drums, and Clinten, on Bass. They still felt incomplete, so they went on a nation-wide search for a fifth member. The search ended in Sante Fe, where they found Mike, he added a Texan sound which seemed to complete such almost-classics like Saturday Night Bingo Hall Massacre and Nasel Sex . This made the band happy... for a while.

The fearless five went off on many musical adventures. But something seemed out of place. That something was Jesse.He was not taking anythig seriously...(I know... I was there...) After what was the first big scandel in the Carroll County Music Scene's history... GSLP was no longer.

A new band was born in GSLP's ashes... That band was Active Sac. They are like the energizer bunny... they keep going and going. But what happened to Jesse, you ask?

Jesse left the country for 4 years, to search for his psyche and his soul. He trekked across deserts, climbed the highest mountains, and fought off wild animals such as the Spotted Bamboozal to survive. Atop of a mountain in the middle east he met someone. This someone would change his life forever. This someone was Boko Hono. She told him to start a new band, because that would be the only way he could achieve happiness.

So, being a push-over when it comes to women, Jesse set off on a quest to start another band. Boko was by his side for a while, but eventually she dissapeared forever, or so Jesse thought, but thats later in the story. Anyway, during his quest Jesse met many interested people. He even involved his girl-friend at the time, PRG(punk rock girl), her friend PRG II(punk rock girl 2), and a really little fellow named... oh shit... what was his name??? Anyway he was a short fellow, and his mom gave us lots of cookies and let us use the pool.

This band was to be called "The Rotten Green".... it was rotten....

TRG was scheduled to play at 4 local shows... they never did. In fact they never practiced either. Needless to say, they broke up. So did Jesse and PRG.

All was not well for our hero, kids. He was out of options. He decided to end it all. He jumped blindly in front of a truck, and was killed. JUST KIDDING!! The truck swerved at the last minute, and the driver got out. His lab coat was gleaming in the sun. His expression was one of joy. He said "You look like you want to join a band." Our hero was astonished. He was Speaking to the God of Nirvana-style punk, Dr. Truck!! It was no secret that the legendary PEASHOOTER was the greatest Alterna-Punk band ever. So Jesse stood in silence for a minute. And said "Of course I want to join a band... why else would I have tried to get run over by a truck???"

And the first piece was found

The two became fast friends, and wrote a song that night. Even though they were together, they needed a fuller sound for their music and a name...

The two watched countless porno tapes, and Ed Wood movies with a man immortalized by an Active Sac song, Jonny F. One day, Dr.Truck proclaimed that all of the videos they watched were rated NC-17, which all agreed would be a great band name for the two. Now all they needed was a band...

Dr.Truck and Jesse went to the zoo to think about this, and on the way there they met a man without a name, but a man none the less. He chose the name Jesse to follow our hero flawlessly. He had an evil plan as well, but that is later in the story. Jesse2(as he shall be called from this point on) knew of Jesse's previous relationship with Boko Hono, and also had a "thing" for the woman who would someday become one of the causes of the downfall of NC-17.

The three went to a genitic engineering facility to find one of those neat three headed pigs, but instead found their drummer, Tyler the Giant. Tyler was escaping from the clutches of his captor as the band was looking for freak farm animals, and they met in the lab. The band made a deal... For Tyler's freedom, he would have to play drums with them. He agreed, thinking that drumming would be a lot better then the tests the scientists ran(all of which always had something either being inserted or removed from Tyler's ass)

The band went smoothly for a while... then came factor #1 of their break-up


1. Boko Hono's relationship with Jesse2 put a strain on the band... this was all a part of Jesse2's EVIL PLAN he would cancel practices, to spend time with her. he did not care about the music as much as his "little friend". Dr. Truck and Jesse knew that this would damn the band to hell...

2. Aliens abducted Dr. Truck 3 times.... placing devices inside him that stole his groove

3.Hezapalooza 1... If you were there you know what I'm talking about, if you weren't, don't worry about it.

4. The sport known as Billiards...

and 5. They never PRACTICED!!!!


right about now.. you may be asking yourself what this has to do with us, Overrated... well the answer is all of it!!!

You see, NC-17 dissapeared. This was because after the first Hezapalooza, Jesse2 tried to kill the rest of the band. He set fire to the PigPen in which they practiced. Dr.Truck escaped, and tried to save Jesse and Tyler... but it was too late... the fumes had already extingushed their lives.

Dr.Truck enlisted the aid of Jonny F to rid him of the menace known as Jesse2. Together the two brave souls confronted the evil one with only the good in their hearts. During this battle, Jonny F realized that this monstrosity of humanity was his cousin. Realizing that this evil being was a part of his lineage, he single handedly destroyed his own cousin, ripping his heart out and burying it far beneath the earth.

The two heroes were still saddened by the loss of their friends. And kept their tragic deaths a secret from the real world. Tyler's body recovered itself from it's state of death due to his 2nd heart. He rose from the grave and contacted Dr.Truck and Jonny F shortly after his "Re-birth."

The three had a brilliant idea on how to get Jesse back. They would clone him.

They took the remnants of his body to a genius,Mr. Shang who collected his DNA, inserted the DNA of an old perverted homeless man, who happened to be in the wrong place at the right time, and started growing him in a test tube.

months later, the experiment was complete and Old Dirty Pollock was born.

Together again, this time with Jonny F instead of the deceased Jesse2, they became Overrated, and are planning on playing shows again in the CC Scene.

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