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O'siyo is a Native greeting for "Welcome"

Picture created by myself May, 2000

June '99
May '99
August '99
Christmas Eve '99

Do you have a website that you think is deserving of an here for more details

Now, I bit about myself. Well, *grins* I have come along way from my first original homepage on this addy...Thanks to and alot of great and patient pages have gotten so much better than what they were before....Check here often as I am contantly updating and adding new things...Thank you....ENJOY...

Well I just added a recent addition to my page.....I am still adding to it check back and see what's new on my Recipes Page

A Gift from Lady Carol....Thank you Lady Carol

An award I received from Lady Carol...*smiles*...Thank you

My Kids......Amanda and Darryn...1999

This Alamaks 20plus
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This The Housework Sucks, Gimme the Net Web Ring housework hating site owned by Nancy Handy.

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Help Stop The Tears
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The May Moms Web Ring

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