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Zapdos777's Pokémon Center Last Updated > September 19, 2001

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Zapdos777's Pokémon Center

The Bitch Board!

After constant instant messages from unnamed people I put the message board back up (Look Below.) Enjoying your flames. :)

If you get tried of fighting go play a game that is my personal favorite. I've been hooked on this game for 2 years now.


Release Dates

GB: Card
Jp - Released
En - Apr 10, 00

GB: Gold/Silver
Jp - Released
En - Sept, 00

GB: Pokemon X
Jp - Future
En - No Plans

64: Stadium 2
Jp - Released
En - Mar 6, 00

64: Genki Chu
Jp - Released
En - Future

Movie: PRL-PEP
Jp - Released
En - Jul 21, 00

Movie: LUT-???
Jp - Summer 00
En - No Plans

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