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The humanity facing outerspace people


In this late twentieth century, when the extraterrestrial life hypothesis becomes an almost certainty among a growing number of scientists, the juxtaposition of prophetic or traditional data with the present progress state of humanity, with the UFO phenomenon and with some strange facts or rumors tends to highlight a growing influence or presence of non-human intelligent beings on the Earth! To admit the possibility of such a presence introduces the question of its goal. What might search extraterrestrial people for on our planet, and what would be the repercussions on our civilization?

The earth is probably only an unremarkable planet in our solar system that is just as unremarkable within a galaxy - the "Milky Way" - among which are several billions of stars. This galaxy is itself just as ordinary in a universe or a part of universe where the man counts billions of them. Even if the life might appear only on similar planets to the Earth and having similar astronomical conditions to her, and if the intelligence would develop on a thousandth or o millionth of them, the universe known by the man might contain a lot of extraterrestrial civilizations at least as advanced, or as little civilized, as its own one. Using similar but more sophisticated statistic considerations, astrophysicists, some of whom, like Karl SAGAN, are known by the public, come to the same conclusion. Such scientists have been taken seriously enough by the NASA officials and the American government leaders so that messages intended to possible extraterrestrial have been written or recorded on three spatial probes launched to photograph some planets of the solar system. On "Pioneer 10", launched on Marsh 3rd 1972 to study  the asteroids and Jupiter, a gold aluminum "identity plate" have been installed, engraved with symbols and glyphs suggesting its terrestrial origin. "Voyager 1" and "Voyager 2", launched in 1977, carrying both a videodisk in which are an encyclopedia of the Earth, cries of animals, some music pieces, greetings in 60 languages, and a message from the ex American president Jimmy CARTER! In addition, the costly radiotelescopes built in various earth locations to pick up the radio waves from the space are sometimes used to search possible extraterrestrial intelligent signals that would have been sent out on these wavelengths. Therefore, the intelligent extraterrestrial life is manifestly more than a simple working hypothesis for at least some influential members of the scientific community, so that it is studied by a recent science named the exobiology.

An ever-increasing number of astronomers and other scientists feel that the existence of at least some dozens of extraterrestrial civilizations being technologically more advanced than ours, inside our galaxy alone, is quite probable. Most of them have certainly already done outerspace travels - outside their planet of origin - towards other planets of their solar system or even towards near systems. At the current rate of scientific and technologic progress, the humanity itself might reach an other star than the Sun in some dozens of years or hundreds of years at the very most. The discovery of a means of moving at a speed close to the light one is within the realms of possibility and would enable that. The physicists admit the possibility to move at a speed very close to the one of the light and conceive that intelligent beings can discover an engine or a means of propulsion powerful enough to reach this one. But since EINSTEIN, they believe that it is an impassable limit, no material object being able, in their opinion, to pass it. So, they consider an extraterrestrial visit on the Earth to be not very probable, all the more so as they don't think it is under a special attention that would make it a priority goal of travel. However, one is entitled to ask oneself the following questions:

  • Is the light speed really a limit?
  • Is it the same in any point of the ordinary universe (the one perceived by human)?
  • Is the time-space continuum almost the same in the whole of the universe, or couldn't they be, for reasons that can be well beyond us, very different depending on the location: on the galaxy, on the solar system, or even on the planet?
  • Isn't there some non-ordinary dimensions of the universe, dimensions that could give a way to by-pass the light speed limit, supposing this limit is real?
  • Couldn't the Earth be under a special attention from other beings?

A favorable answer to either one or the other of these questions would sure increase the plausible nature of extraterrestrial visits. And one domain that can give that kind of answer, at least from a theoretical point of view, is science fiction. This is more than a simple imagination literature because it combine the "inspiration" with the imagination itself that one could call "expiration". An "inspired" science-fiction author, as were for example the pioneers Jules VERNES and Herbert George WELLS, is able to pick up some information about the past, about the future or about other places of the universe, thanks to one or several "subtle senses" the existence of which has not yet been recognized by the official science but that other people call extrasensory perceptions. The famous "intuition" can be linked to one of them, depending on the case. The information picked up by such a sense are obtained like a radio when it get a transmitting station. Their quality depends on the reliability and the acuteness of the receiver. When a good channel is selected, one can get information coming from the corresponding emission plan: physical, emotional-affective, or mental. These ones can relate to any human or non-human life sector. The science-fiction writer that gets them portrays them thanks to his imagination. This one takes place during the active stage of the creative process. The inspiration occurs during the passive receptive stage. In reality, the both generally keep on alternate during the whole creative work of the writer.

Science fiction thus have had premonitions about many scientific discoveries, many  years or dozens of years in advance. It also sets many theories not yet verified or recognized by men, and in particular some answers to the previous questions. For example, it bypasses the possible light speed limit using the "hyperspace" that enables to take shortcuts while travelling in the space, or using the "teleportation". The one of them proved existence would obviously render the restrictive suppositions of scientists about non-human visits null and void. Anyway, as far as extraterrestrial visits or landings on our planet, it is certainly more logical and decisive to begin with the observation of the facts.

The terrestrial history contains many extraterrestrial visitors' signs, marks or tracks, since the ancient times when men likened them to gods, till the modern era that knows a new wave of the phenomenon: written or oral accounts, unknown matters or objects , strange tracks, photographs, "radar hallmarks", etc. Since World War II, the observation of flying "vehicles", of strange phenomena and of stranger beings have so much grown in number that one ended up grouping them together and studying them under the "UFO" (Unknown Flying Objects) phenomenon name, while combining them or pretending to combine them with purely atmospheric observations like lightning in ball and lenticular clouds. Those who want to deny or those who want to hide the non-human origin of the phenomenon put forward such arguments as the followings:

  • It's about collective hallucinations and a fantasy of the humanity;
  • The witnesses are not credible;
  • The increase in the number of observations is only due to the one of the population or to an imitation effect;
  • It's about an invention of the CIA to hide secret researches upon new arms.

The intellectual honesty compels anybody to reject the first argument in view of the mysterious physical or chemical tracks left by some so-called hallucinations and in view of the abundance of historical evidence describing some elements of the phenomenon. About the second one, are Jimmy CARTER and other prominent figures that inform of their own UFO observation members of non-credible witnesses? As for the third, if it is partly founded, it passes over in silence the fact that most of the counted observations takes place in isolated places, far from the cities and from the human agitation. To answer to the last, one can point out:

  • that many UFO observations were made prior to the CIA foundation,
  • and that inventing such a monumental story as the UFO phenomenon to hide some secret activities is probably neither very economic nor very effective because more and more Internet users and individuals in general think nowadays that the CIA and other secret services hide information and many activities from people.

The other arguments of opponents hardly resist common sense, facts, analysis or intellectual honesty. Meanwhile, in many countries and more particularly in the United States, some governmental, military, FBI or CIA leaders have got many opportunities to make sure of the reality of the UFO phenomenon, of its non human origin, and of its potential dangers to the human race and to its leaders. They have got so much pieces of evidence that they devised programs and created committees or special organisms just to study the phenomenon or to misinform deliberately to keep the masses in the dark. Let us cite among others:

  • The SETI (Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence), NASA program to search for intelligent radio frequencies signals from space.
  • The GEPAN ("Groupe d'Étude des Phénomènes Aérospatiaux Non-identifiés": Group of Study of Non-Identified Aerospace Phenomena), turned later into SEPRA ("Société d'Etude des Phénomènes de Rentrée Atmosphérique": Society of Study of Atmospheric Re-entry Phenomena), created in France to study the UFO phenomenon.
  • The Condom Committee created to misinform deliberately upon the UFO phenomenon, and to discredit the witnesses.

Let us add that in France, The "Gendarmerie Nationale" have the responsibility, among other tasks, of collecting testimonies upon unexplained phenomena.

Why have some committees or some official organisms' activities partially or totally relating to the extraterrestrial life or to non-identified phenomena if these ones only exist in the imagination of populations? And why do some of them so much take the trouble to misinform deliberately people with a lot of false rumors, false testimonies, retouched photographs and very contradictory information?

In spite of this kind of tactics and of official denials, thanks to the determination of more and more independent investigators and courageous witnesses, more and more individuals (80% in the United Sates in 1997) are convinced that UFO are real and want them to be officially recognized.

It is progressively more admitted, but still unofficially, that humanoid beings - having close to human appearance - stranger to the Earth visit it more or less briefly. The observations allow to postulate that a few extraterrestrial races visit us more or less regularly. Although we cannot provide here any proof of it, we can submit as a working hypothesis or as food for thought, the fact that at least one of these races has emissaries to some of the highest authorities in the West. The burning information are kept secret and the admitting of the extraterrestrial presence on our planet is not yet made official for several reasons such as the following ones:

  • The leaders would loose their charisma and their legitimity;
  • The populations would give in to, depending on the places and the cases, the panic, the wide-eyed worship or fascination, or sometimes a big depression.

In addition, the various visitor races don't reveal their presence to the whole of humanity because of reasons of their own, perhaps well beyond all we can understand, and that probably depends on their nature for example materialist or spiritual. The more "cold" races, the more materialist, aren't particularly philanthropist and probably prefer for the moment not to be hindered in their projects as it might be if they reveal themselves, for example because of the fear or the xenophobia they might inspire in many humans. The other ones, more respectful of universal Laws, probably prefer not to interfere in the affairs of the humanity, not to intervene in its karma, not to produce a culture or a psychological shock, or to wait a sufficient openness of awareness in man...

Being or not the goal of our visitors, the UFO phenomenon as a whole proves to be a tremendous teaching for the humanity, a teaching likely to considerably broaden its field of awareness, to introduce it to other realities, to help it to turn from self-absorption and anthropocentrism into planetary and even interplanetary view, and so on, because it combines a certain periodicity or repetitiveness with an unpredictable or original nature. Thus, for example, in a few dozen of years, it stimulated the great increase in the number of individuals that believe in the non-terrestrial life.

One can quite envisage extraterrestrial civilizations more advanced than ours that wish to explicitly teach a part of their (scientific, social, artistic, psychological, spiritual or other) knowlege to less civilized humanities, so to help them to more quickly make progress. Besides, on the Earth, the westerners have very ineptly attempted to notably do it to the African people. The teaching given by an individual or collective entity to an other one, is definitely commensurate with its pedagogic, intellectual, mental and practical abilities and competence... If one refers for example to the possibilities foreseen by science fiction, one can expect more advanced beings than human ones to know the telepathy, the antigravitation, the thermonuclear fusion, the cold atomic transmutation (for example lead into gold), the teleporting, the mental and genetic characteristics of many plant, animal and humanoid races, etc. It also seems possible that some civilizations, like some individuals, don't teach in a spirit of service and progress, but in a more or less self-interested way, with undisclosed and relatively selfish objectives. People that either sparingly or widely disclose some knowledge to less evolved ones haven't always quite altruistic designs. It can, for example, do it a little like one sometimes throws a bone to a dog: to have some peace. Or it does it to offset some karmic debts or some disruptions due to its presence. Or else to buy a service, a territory, a base...

The teaching given by a people, a more reduced group or an individual, whether human or not, can have the main objective to manipulate and to condition those who get it, with a specific aim in view. It can be formed and used for the sole purpose of propaganda. Some "visitors", occult or power groups, and human individuals (gurus...) make a point of manipulate the masses and the personalities. In this late Pisces era, while the sixth great cosmic energy - the devotion and idealism "Ray" - decreases, it appears, as a kind of final spurt of activity, fresh upsurge of behaviors and of aptitudes linked to the Pisces energies and to the sixth Ray: various mental or paranormal gifts, impressionability, fascination, devotion, fanaticism, and so on. People mainly influenced by this sign or by this Ray are probably the most receptive to mental manipulations, all the more so as they express there "feminine part", because the feminine pole is the one that receive, get, accept, but that negatively may resign itself and let itself be deformed, distorted, or influenced. Therefore there's nothing surprising about the biggest proportion of women, of "Pisces" individuals and of idealists among the mediums, the telepaths, the disciples of gurus, the mad persons about esoteric seminars, and the fans of UFO. The extraterrestrial that try, for personal purposes, to manipulate a part or the whole of the humanity have certainly the means of determining what human "profile" is likely to give the best "puppets". Considering the above comments, it is probable that this profile matches women or men being rather:

  • idealist,
  • open to the strangeness or to the unknown,
  • very interested in knowing some mysteries of life or of the universe,
  • imaginative,
  • dreamer or unpredictable,
  • loyal and respectful to those they admire or love,
  • intuitive, receptive,
  • having real or latent paranormal gifts,
  • sensory,
  • adaptable,
  • but also too much docile or obedient,
  • credulous, naïve or lacking of discernment or of critical judgment,
  • superstitious or irrational,
  • easily impressed or fascinate by some beings corresponding to their role model or to their dreams to the point of fanaticism,
  • easily becoming attached to pleasant ideas or to beings able to come up to themselves' (affective or intellectual...) expectations,
  • easily dependent on drugs, medicine, knowledge, emotions or feelings,
  • disappointed by their not dominant role in the society, in their family or in their job,
  • disappointed about the fact they aren't understood nor listened,
  • internalized or tending to flee from men or from the society, etc.

The more an individual has many of these personality or behavior traits, the more he as chance of being telepathically or physically "contacted" by aliens to be exploited as they wish. When one knows the United States are, as nation, widely influenced by the sixth Ray, there's nothing surprising about the maximum number of contacts and of abductions by real or supposed aliens in this country!

An individual having the above profile may be flattered when he is directly or telepathically contacted and convinced of having a particular "mission" to accomplish for a more evolved race or of being best than other men. But only the more "cold" aliens, the more indifferent ones to creatures they consider inferior, the less gifted with compassion can do like this. If the more positive and compassionate races were organizing contacts, they would avoid any kind of manipulation and would respect the human free will. Concerning this, for a man, it's not always obvious to distinguish between the true and the false, the reality and the illusion, the "good" and the "bad". This requires not to be short on discernment, all the more so as the "shadow" can adopt the language of the "light" and can speak about harmony, peace or evolution while pursuing opposite aims.

One can distinguish between the races that really are in line with the cosmic evolution and the ones that remain in the materiality and distinguish between the teachings of the first ones and those of the second only by the critical and intuitive examination of their short and long-term effects and influences. What can we think, for example, of an entity that advocate the improvement in laws and in financial and economic attitudes to transform the society? At first, this seems to be positive and in a good way. But when we look more closely at this, we notice that stabilizing the economic world without being concerned about the education of the masses can only encourage the survival of a materialist and superficial world and its progressive transformation into a mechanical and well-oiled world, a cold "best world" that doesn't leave any space for originality. To be focused on the transformation of matter tends to limit the spiritual evolution, but to accept the matter while becoming more refined and enriched enables us to favorably and vibratorily transform it. To make the world more and more comfortable and technically perfect can hardly contribute to the awakening of its people, but on the contrary keeps men in a drowsy or standardized sleepwalking state in which the individuals are "sheep", "numbers", "computer files"... What the "poor loving" (human or extraterrestrial) entities try to recreate on the Earth are only kinds of hives having a perfect functioning but where there is no true love. They want to create a world where men are reduced to the level of consumers, laboratory animals, food, suppliers or organs, a world that is controlled, civilized, without any surprises, a "super-Nazism" as it might have one on some planets, a world where there is no exuberance or only if it is artificially maintained by means of ecstatic drugs. To reach such a world, they must turn humanity into a moron, reduce its awareness level rather than raise it. To this end, the poor loving beings encourage the brutish or unbridled sexuality, the daft television programs, the drug consumption, etc. But they hide their real intentions thanks to a consummate art of the misinformation and of the lying. Is all this only paranoia? Not sure! However, alone or accompanied, the humanity seems to head straight for a not at all brighter future!

Even if we refuse to envisage the aliens having unhealthy intentions towards the Earth or the humanity, those who visit us can have many other goals or aims than to go touring or to teach theoretical physics to barbarians. They might for example try to exploit a part of mineral, vegetable, animal, or even human resources of our planet, or want to annex it or to make it a colony. They might content themselves with observing it as a very curious object and smile about the stupid things done by the bipeds and about the strange games they sometimes have: to explode what they name "bombs" on each other to beat themselves to a pulp! More seriously, the civilizations able to do interstellar travels have necessarily reached a higher "awareness level" than the current Earth humanity. This one is on the level corresponding to the mental and intellect development and experimentation. This level follows, in ascending order:

  • the one on which one begins to become more individual while leaving the animal kingdom (Zero human awareness plan),
  • the one on which one experiences the matter and the physical plan (First human awareness plan),
  • then the one on which one swears only by emotions, by personal desires to satisfy, by seeking happiness through pleasant situations and encounters, but on which one remains in a collective or tribal awareness state (Second human awareness plan).

Above the current awareness plan, and after a probation period, begun during World War I and not yet complete for the humanity, a civilization reaches the forth awareness plan and acquires the perfect command of its "physical". This generally involves the absence of pollution, of significant wars, of serious social disorders, of an anarchic people increasing, but presence of a great social cohesion and of significant technological means to serve the group. On the fifth plan, the time illusion is past and all the nostalgia, the regrets and the phobia about the past, and the fears and the hopes about the future are quite no longer real. The past is no longer seen as a sum of disjunctive, separated from the individual or from the civilization, and irremediably lost events, but it represents a permanent presence that makes the entity what it is: a being always becoming. The future is no longer the sum of the aspirations for living pleasant situations and of the fears at the idea that situations might become unpleasant, but what the entity contributes to create when acting in the present, according to a Plan it more or less appreciates. The civilization and the individual having this awareness state subject to the emotional energies impact, but the more heavy ones, the more primitive or atavistic, the less subtle are now past... The aliens that visit us mainly belongs to the forth and the fifth awareness plans, more rarely to the sixth or beyond.

While the humanity goes through a more and more critical period during which it is torn between the refuge in established but outdated values and the tragic break-up of the organizations, various non human races "move their pawns" on the Earth. The "black" has already reached many objectives thanks to the blindness, to the selfishness and to the materialism of the natives. They perhaps already savor their victory, but the "call" of the humanity rises and intensifies: the men are awaking more and more each day, and the time when the "white" will play is close. "And there was a war in the sky. Michel and his angels fought against the dragon. And the dragon and his angels fought" (Apocalypse 12:7). But all that is perhaps only entirely imaginary... "Don't believe anything without having verified it" should be a watchword for all those who venture in not much known countries.

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