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Astronomy and Astrology


Since the study of the sky split up into two distinct fields (astronomy and astrology), those who devote themselves to them, selecting one or the other, but rarely both of them, have perhaps gained in precision and reliability, but have most probably lost their synthetic and overall view. The two domains progressively excluded themselves from the other so that they have practically become antinomic, and the passions, the fanaticism and the criticism have taken hold of their respective practicing or partisans. And yet they probably all are wrong "to pull dirty tricks on each other", because if they were less narrow-minded, some common grounds are possible, and they all are right to find weaknesses in opposite approach or reasoning, because there is some, but not necessarily the ones they believe!

The astrology and the astronomy have become radically different sciences, with different principles, even if a part of the frame is the same, different measuring or observation devices, and different concepts... At the moment, they don't have any more connection than for example acoustics and music or than arithmetic and esoteric numerology, geometry and sacred architecture... or even linguistics and poetry! Moreover, due to its still partially empiric nature and to its study domain partially requiring some mental perceptions that are very different from the five ordinary senses, the astrology comes as close to art than to science, which is in no way the case of astronomy. In this connection, it may be interesting to notice that poetry and music, having both an obviously artistic nature, are based anyhow on a form of science or of technique, and that traditional medicine, having a scientific nature, is "a real art" when it doesn't dehumanize! It will be the advantage of the twenty-first century man break down the barriers that currently isolate, imprison and crystallize the various scientific, technical, artistic, and even esoteric (!) disciplines.

The astronomy studies the structure and the motion of celestial bodies such as stars, planets, comets and asteroids, as well as their interactions. Believing, like their colleagues of other scientific domains, only in "physical" matter (and in its energy equivalents), the astronomers have conceived, developed and used, until now, only devices that are adapted to the physical plan. If by chance one of their devices proved to enable the detection of an "etheric" plan component (vibratorily in the upper part of the physic plan) the existence of which they deny, they would reject the measurement as an aberration, would attribute it to a handling or a reading error... They would admit only the existence of measurable objects or detectable ones by their instruments or by one or the other of their five senses. However, the current state of their discoveries and of their theories puts them in a very embarrassing situation: about nine tenth of the matter of the universe refuses obstinately to be directly detected! How many hypothesis doesn't they put forward, without real success, to justify this considerable pitfall in their rational edifice! While the answer is perhaps, or even very probably, contained in some esoteric revelations! According to these ones, provided of course that the interpretation is good, the greater part of the universe would indeed be outside the dense physical plan, vibratorily above it, but "spatiotemporally" parallel to it. The "missing mass" of the universe would only be in fact the set of etheric, astral, mental (or above) substances and objects, substances being real according to the esoteric view. Fact or illusion? Neither the astronomy, nor any other science is at the moment able to prove the first or the second. Nevertheless, many specialized scientific fields would certainly be enriched if they impartially considered some speculations, theories or assertions of the occultism. Only the open-mindedness brings the real progresses. The greatest scientists were neither the most Cartesian nor the most narrow-minded.

The astrology itself studies the effects of stars and various celestial bodies, of their motions, of their energies... on the individual and collective human behavior, or even on other entities, on the physiological, psychological, or sociological levels.

The astrologers show themselves to be too much confident about their science as it is currently expressed or spread, or as it is used or altered by them, too much confident about their interpretation gifts of the star charts, caring sadly little about discovering why and how the astrology works, and too often mercenaries... Most of them represent the opposite pole of the above "scientistics", and this is not a compliment! (Excesses in either a direction or the opposite one are never good). Better following a fashion phenomenon than a powerful vocation-type motivation, or following a simple curiosity sometimes turning to unhealthy voyeurism, they much more do a disservice to the astrology than they contribute to its improvement, to its acceptance and to its comprehension by people in general and by scientist in particular. Unfortunately, how few astrologers can propose a theory to justify their science or their art!

Considering the pure physical level, the astrology is partly justified by the gravitational influence of the stars, particularly the Moon and the Sun. These ones indeed notably produce "tide effects" on the Earth, effects that have some repercussions on the terrestrial life beings, perhaps because of the water they contain: the Sun acts on the thyroid and on the pulmonary metabolisms; the Moon on the women menstruation and on the vegetables metabolism for example. But the gravitation is not at all enough sufficient, because inappropriate, to explain the more subtle sidereal influences such as the psychological ones. The real foundation of the astrology probably lies in occult or obscured following facts:

The individual, thanks to its subtle bodies (notably the "etheric", "astral" and mental ones) is a part of the etheric body of the humanity.
The humanity is a part of the etheric body of the planet.
The Earth is a part of the solar system etheric body.
The solar system is a part of the galaxy etheric body, and itself is a part of the etheric body of the universe.

On the etheric and the more subtle levels, all the creatures and the entities of the universe are linked and interdependent, while on the physical plan they thinks they are separated, isolated, often conflicting with others. Therefore, all what affects a part of the universe (for example a planet, a civilization or even an individual) affects the rest of the universe. All what produces one, by its acts, its thoughts, its emotions and other energy or force manifestations, affects the other. The explosion of a bomb on the Earth affects its physical, etheric and even astral plans, and has consequences on other planets of the solar system and even beyond. A negative thought from a human being hits the other living creatures, either directly if it has a mental vehicle or indirectly otherwise. It's the same thing for negative emotions in relation to the astral plan.

If the universe is really a huge living and perhaps conscious entity, any energy manifestation or motion in one of its parts can affects the other ones, whichever its size is. So, on a solar system scale, the motions of the planets and the more or less subtle energies they emit or they transmit influences the Earth and its living beings: humans, animals, plants, and minerals. The Earth itself influences its denizens and these ones influence it for their part. In the final analysis, the various motions and acts of the very varied and numerous creatures that populate or constitute the universe have an influence on each other and are conditioned by the modulations of the great cosmic energies coming from the One - the whole Universe. The motions and the acts of the beings, from the smallest to the most huge, form a gigantic ballet. Its score is more or less followed, because of the imperfection of the performers, and because of the free will granted to at least some of them. The man as a microcosm is similar: he is the conductor; its organs, its cells, and the bacteria in its body are the performers, and some of them, such as the hart, have a relative liberty towards the central will. There is a certain correspondence between the actions of each part and the emergence, or the withdrawal, of the stimulating energies, in the microcosm as in the macrocosm. The great cosmic energies drive the galaxies and then the solar systems and the planets to certain motions. The cosmic observable phenomena have subtle causes that aren't subject to any measuring and to any current scientific mean of investigation. In a similar way, the motions and the reactions of a man are caused by subtle stimulation such as the thoughts and the emotions that crosses him. The intensity of such influences can sometimes be enough powerful to damage the physical-receiving organism. So, a too much or too sustained violent stress can damage the stomach, a too much deep anger or fear can affect the liver...

Some men have discovered or partially and progressively got, in the course of ages, some keys to decipher the cosmic energies that affect the Earth and its denizens. They got them, more or less efficiently, thanks to some subtle senses and have not always well interpreted what they picked up. They were like a savage facing a radio waves receiver with several wavebands. They were occasionally able to select an active waveband, by chance from the buttons clicking on or turning and they found there some messages, speeches or music. But they not always knew the language, or they ignored many vocabulary words, or they listen to esoteric treatises that were quite surpassing their understanding ability... Nevertheless, by combining the acquired pieces of information, by confronting them to the observation of planets and men, the astrologers have become able to more or less vaguely identify some phases, some sentences (in French: "phrases") of the cosmic ballet near the Earth. Using their mental "tool", their intuition and their common sense, they've got a partial comprehension of the links between the music (the energies) and the dancing (the motions), and of the shapes used by the humanity to integrate with them in the best manner. They've somewhat known to decode the language of stars, the messages of the starry sky. They've built and are still building step by step the astrology.

In the esoteric view, all the regions of the sky do not transmit the same energy qualities or the same quantities to the solar system, and the Earth has not the same affinities with all of them. From the man and his planet point of view, some sky zones are widely predominant, and particularly the twelve "constellations" of the ecliptic. The astronomers that want to split hairs to denigrate the astrology claim that in fact the ecliptic constellations are thirteen, the additional one being Ophiuchus. But who have arbitrarily drawn the boundaries between the constellations? The astronomers, for sure! And who tells that the arbitrary drawing or the cutting of a constellation was representing its exact influence zone? Definitely none of the worthy of the name astrologers. The representing figure of a constellation is only intended to make its location on the celestial vault easier. Neither the astrologers, nor the astronomers know the exact motion of subtle energies produced between a given constellation and the solar system. A recent esoteric approach even considers the great conditioning cosmic energies as entities having nine dimensions! What could have a man (being having only three phenomenal dimensions) of it apart from only a limited insight?

The astrological "signs" - from Aries to Pisces - represent the temporal symbolic counterpart of the twelve same-named constellations. The constellations zodiac is physical, spatial, linked to the physical dimension and to the triple personality (physical, astral and mental) of the man. The zodiac of signs can be seen as the one that the Earth would comprehend as a being, the one present in its conscious. It is connected to the awareness aspect of the individual. And the astrologers have more become aware of it than the other one. A self-respecting scientist can't reject this view of things or this theory on the pretext that its doesn't match to his own dogma or to the elements of its own science. Physics can't reject esotericism and metaphysics on the pretext that they don't yet have the means to verify if their thesis about the man, the life and the universe are either well founded or not. The astrologers notice the undeniable influence of the astrological signs on the human beings and their psychology, but their approach is still empiric. They notice, apply more or less awkwardly the rules brought out of empiricism, but don't understand. And the astronomers understand even less because they try to apply their experimental procedures to a domain that far surpasses their science and its subject.

The astronomy tend to reject the astrology into the area of "anti-science" too much astrological knowledge seems it to have an illusory nature and because it too much easily point out the astrologers getting out of control because of lack of conscientious spirit or because of eagerness for money or for reputation rather than for ethics and intellectual honesty. Just as the other sciences during the history, it seems indeed likely that the astrology is congested with illusions and the school quarrels certainly poison it, but what harms it the most is the omnipresence of the charlatanism and the inanities spread by the media. It's probable that only a theory worthy of the "main relativity" or of the "quantum physics" could restore its reputation. In the meantime, it is haunted by believes such as "the fate is engraved in the stars".

Against all likelihood, the stars and the Earth itself don't at all lead the nations or the individuals' destiny but proposes to them a set of more or less stimulating, conditioning and restrictive energies. Thanks to their awareness and to their mental, men have free will, are free to favorably or unfavorably react to any influence, and arbiters of their destiny. The good or bad reactions of men against the stellar and planetary energies come only from their own nature and from their awareness. Stimulated by neutral energies on the whole, they are free to produce reactive positive or negative, creative or destructive, luminous or dark, judicious or stupid forces and actions. One can admit for example, until an undeniable proof of the contrary, that an individual reacting negatively to the Saturn influence increases the tendency to isolation, to sadness, to rigidity of mind, or even to coldness. But if he positively reacts, he can show himself to be more tough, more disciplined, more willing to meditation or to composure...

If these facts can be admitted, there is still to propose an explanation for the astrologically determinant nature of the birth moment for an individual. This one could be due to the particular stimulation of the physical body cells by the etheric particles during the first breath of air. These particles are more mobiles and subtler than the atoms and the molecules of gas. Their density and their characteristics continuously vary according to the time and to the location, following as complex currents as the motions and the whirlwinds of air masses. Einstein believed that such an "ether" was real, but the quantum physics wrongly reject it so that it's now forgotten by science. However, during the birth, the ether of the place and at this time irremediably marks the body of the individual and this one keeps the tracks of this initial energy conditioning during his whole life. Knowing that this terrestrial ether is intimately connected to the one of the rest of the solar system, by drawing the natal astrological chart of an individual, one obtains an idea of his predisposition to face up to the energy of the stars and planets. The natal horoscope (or interpreted natal chart) of a man imperfectly shows his vital, emotional, mental and creative potential... but doesn't write his destiny.

The astronomy enables to foresee but not to exactly predict the motion of stars. Too many data are still unknown to such a prediction. Similarly, the astrology enables to foresee the individual behavior, but will never allow to predict it, at least let us hope this! More generally, the ultimate goal of each science is in fact to acquire a reliable prediction method about its subject or its study domain, but none of them will remove the free will, even if some try it. Each science studies a space to better control the time.

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