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"WELCOME" To  Deer Stands Of Your Choice"

The finest deer hunting stand plans for bow or rifle hunting. Top Quality plans for the beginner or the best hunting enthusiasts.

Hunting season is coming, why wait until the last days to get ready! Take the time now to build your stand for the up coming season. This way you can have your stands in the woods before season starts. All the materials that you will need to build your stands can be found at local hardware shops. If you would like to see the photo's of the different types of stands, look at the table. We have many different types and there are over 25 sets of plans to choose from.

All plans come with:

Computer Drawings


Typed Instructions

This ensures each step is easy to follow. Most stands only take a average of 1-1/2 to 2 hours and cost between fifteen to thirty five dollars to build. So why spend hundreds of dollars on a stand that only cost fifty bucks at the most to build? All of the stands shown on my web site have hunted out of since 1990. I hope that you will enjoy your tour of my web site! The hunting stand links are below.

Thank you for choosing Deer Stands Of Your Choice!

We have been selling plans for over 15 years now and sold over 10,000 orders since we started boy time flies

Price list and Other Information


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16'Ladder Rail Weight limit 300 LBS.!  Built with a 4' x 3' Floor size, and a shooting rail.
16'ladder blind Weight limit 300 LBS.!  Built with a roof the keep you dry in the rain.
Tree house Weight limit 300 LBS.!  And it's 35' up in the tree.
Penthouse 2 man stand that will hold up to 500LBS. Can be as high as 20'
Climber-1 Climber-1 Is a stand-up / Sit-down climber, it will climb any tree without slipping!  Hunt either way.
Climber-2 Climber-2 Is a stand-up / Sit-down climber, Hunt away from the tree.
Climber-3 Climber-3 Very low cost to build!
Climber-4 Climber-4 The top weighs 15 lbs. and the bottom weighs 5 lbs.  Hunt facing the tree.
Climber-5 Climber-5 Is a stand-up / sit-down climber, hunt facing the tree.
Climber-6 Climber-6 Removable seat to let you hunt either way.  Has a nice shooting rail also.
Box stands 16' Wooden box stand, 8',10',21' Metal Box stand floor size is 4'x4' in most stands.
21' Ladder Can be built for 3 different heights 10' 15' or 21' Metal ladder stand.
A.T.V. Cart This golf cart will go through some rough stuff!
Feeders 3 different types to look at.    Also a 2 types of Deer skinners
10',15' Ladder 10' Metal and 15' Wooden Ladder stand.
Ground blind Ground blinds 2 to choose from!
Loc. on 3 different types of chain on's and the ladder to go with it.
Hunting story's Send me your photo and I will post it here.
Hunting tips Take a look it might astonish you!


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