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Days 'til the release of Horrordays 2002!!

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The Beginning

Horrordays was first formed in 1996. We started it becasue my son became to old to go trick or treating. So we decieded to just do something fun. We went to a locol halloween shop called Peggy's Halloween. My son bought a Werewolf mask. We went to my dads house in Chester, SC and my son hide beside the house and when someone would come up to the porch he would run out really scaring the person. We did like this for a couple of years. Then the movie Scream came out and my son then bought a Scream outfit and we made a little sceen of scream under the car shed at my dads house. My son was dressed up as Scream and we had made a dummy that leid on the ground under him. The dummy came to be known as cusion George. People where scared to go up to the shed. They where thinking that the dummy was the real person and was gona jump up at them. So that gave my son the perfect time to jump at them and send them running. After this year we moved down to Chester. Just down the street from my dad. So now since we have our own yard we thought "hey why don't we just have a haunted yard just for the fun of it. But we didn't do this the first year instead we gave people a change. We had a few more People to help us and just stood in front of the house and scare people that came into the yard. The year after this is when we started the haunted yard. Click the Links on the side to view some of the pictures and fun we have had.

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