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Molluscan Comparative Immunology (MCI) Group



Special web site on Immunology of Molluscs (IMMUMOLL), Molecular Evolution of their Immune Receptors and Effector mechanisms is started now.

Seven classes of phylum Mollusca inhabiting a wide range of marine, fresh-water and terrestial habitats embrace an impressive array of specialized forms with very rich trematode fauna. Despite the potential richness of this material studies on interactions between internal defense system (IDS) of molluscan hosts and trematode parthenogenetic (intramolluscan) generations have been concentrated in a relatively narrow field. Trematode parthenitae parasiting in only few basommathophoran snail species Biomphalaria, Bulinus and Lymnaea (Pulmonata) have been used in order to investigate mechanisms of mollusc - trematode compatibility.

Because of necessity to introduce new models, taxonomically distant from “pulmonate” systems, we study marine species of molluscs and trematodes. Several Bivalves and Prosobranchs are involved in the project. Some of them being an intermediate hosts of trematodes infecting periwinkle Littorina littorea (Prosobranchia) are used to screen modification of the specific parasite tactic in different molluscs. Others  allow to study details of host ID reactions on invasion with specific and non-specific parasite.

How do Trematodes persist against mollusc IDS attacking? We believe that comparative approach gives a higher chance to get the answer than previously thought.

Alexander M. Gorbushin
Littorina littorea
Mytilus edulis
Buccinum undatum

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