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Below is the prayer written for Confederate soldiers at the beginning of the Civil War. It is a prayer that can be said for the military personnel serving around the world today to preserve our freedom by substituting the words Confederate States with United States of America.


Almighty God, whose Providence watcheth over all things, and in whose hands is the disposal of all events, we look up to Thee for Thy protection and blessing amidst the apparent and great dangers with which we are encompassed. Thou hast, in Thy wisdom, permitted the many evils of an unnatural and destructive war to come upon us. Save us, we beseech Thee, from the hands of our enemies. Watch over our fathers, brothers, and sons, who, trusting in Thy defense and in the righteousness of our cause, have gone forth to the service of their country. May their lives they may be exposed. Enable them to successfully perform their duty to power, so overrule events, and so dispose the hearts of all engaged in this painful struggle, that it may soon end in peace and brotherly love, and lead not only to the safety, honor, and welfare of our Confederate States, but to the good of Thy people, and the glory of Thy great name, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
By Bishop William Green
Mississippi, 1861

From the Minutes of the 1865 Edisto Baptist Association Annual Meeting
(Note from the author: All of these men may not be a part of our families, but they were from the same area and served their country to the fullest. They deserve to be listed in the Military Honor Roll.)

A roll of honor of our dear brothers who fell in the late war. W.H. Corbitt, E. Lonnaker, Reuben Yow, John Yow, J.A. Mack, J. Cabstid, Reuben Yow, John Yow, J.A. Mack, J. Cubstid, E. Strickland, J. McIver, J.V. Knotts, D. R. Brooker, W. E. Brown, G. Bonnett, U. D. Legrest, L.S. Tyler, D. S. Tyler, R. Hutto, T. Spiers, J.D. Key, J.O. Key, H.W. Bondenstine, W.S. Williams, J.A. Burckhalter, G.F. Toole, B. Johnson, R.G. Hickson, J.M. Williams, O.C. Plunkett, J.S. Courtney, R. Brogden, J. Bryant, E. Johnson, Wm. Whitlock, E.M. Turner, E. Bonnett, J.O. McLemore, A.R. Albes, N. Burgess, J.S. Eagan, J.B. Jones, R. Altman, J.T. Cockeral, J. Watkins, M. Hartley, W.B. Hartley, B. Cullum, W. Kneece, J. Howard, T.B. Cullum, E.G. Eagan, J. Howell, J. Galaway, C. Cook, Charles Cook, and G. Courtney.

These men were listed on rolls of Baptist Churches in the area along the South and North Forks of the Edisto River. Some of the churches are now in Aiken County.

Others Who Died for the Cause

Some of these are listed above but they will be listed here with additional information. Names followed by * were contributed by Betty Shull, (Cook family) a member of the Aiken Barnwell Genealogical Society of South Carolina. Names from her spouse's family are included.

BRODIE, JOHN WARDLAW died suddendly in Charleston of a heart attack on January 12, 1862; though he was not serving in the military, he was serving the Confederate States Army by processing salt for making gun powder.

HOWELL, IRA died July 1862

Cook, Chesley* (listed above as C. Cook), died at Battle of Cold Harbor, VA

Cullum, Barzilla* (list above as B. Cullum), died at Battle of Averasboro, NC

Cullum, John T.* CO H Palmetto Sharpshooters, died at Manasses, VA

Cullum, Peter E.* CO H (Ryan's Guards) 14 SC Inf Reg, died in battle in VA

Cullum, William Eldridge* died in Battle of Cumbee's Ferry near Yemassee, SC

Cullum, William T.* captured in Battle of Atlanta, GA, died in prison at Camp Chase, Ohio

Kirkland, Hiram* CO I 20 SC Inf Reg, died at Battle of Cold Harbor, VA

Kirklnd, Tillman* CO I 20 SC Inf Reg, died on Sullivan's Island during siege of Charleston, SC

Bell, Sanders W. enlisted in Barnwell District, September 6,1861; taken prisoner at Noel Station, May 23, 1864; died at Point Lookout, Md. Prior to December 31, 1864.

Goss, R. H. enlisted in Barnwell District, July 13, 1861; died May 30, 1864, of wounds received at Spottsylvania.

Douglass, Thomas Silworth born September 13, 1869 died May 1, 1863; CSA records states he died of disease (measles) at Adam's Run in May, 1863.

Keel, William 1st Gregg's CO A Branwell District; wounded at 2nd Manassas August 1862; wounded in Wilderness Campaign May 1864; It is believed he died in a military hospital.

Prisoners Who Returned Home

KEEL, Charles WISE S. Pvt Co. A 1 (McCreary's) SC Infantry, captured, July 28, 1864, during one of the Battles of Deep Bottom, VA, transported to Elmira Prison, New York, released on July 3, 1865.

Johnson, Joseph B. (Howell-Johnson) CSA Heavy Artillery, Prisoner of War in Ohio

Bell, William D. F. enlisted in Barnwell District, July 13, 1861; wounded at Second Manassas, August 29, 1862; taken prisoner at Leesburg and paroled between August 29, and October 31, 1862; returned between October 31, 1862 and January 1, 1863; promoted to 3rd Corporal.

HOWELL JOSIAH (father of IRA listed above) 1st Lieut Co. G 2 SC

HOWELL, John Pearson Sgt. Co. K 13th SC Volunteers, wounded at 2nd battle of Manasses (Bull Run), August 29, 1862.

HOWELL, James Carson Sgt. Co. K 13th SC Volunteers, wounded May 25, 1864.

Howell, John Jacob CSA. Co. F, 2nd Battalion State Troops

Garvin, Jacob Aaron (1) Rifleman, Kershaw's Brigade, (2) Co. I, 20th SC Infantry Regiment

Garvin, William Patrick

Johnson, John Windsor (Howell-Johnson) 2nd SC Volunteer Heavy Artillery, served at Charleston and "Siege of Wagener"

Scott, "War John" P. (Howell-Johnson), Co. B. 14th SC Infantry

Johnson, James B.T. age 39 years, b. November 8, 1826 d. April 21, 1865

Johnson, Wesley Ervin

Cook, John Mangrum CO. B 20th SC Inf, CSA

DOUGLASS, SOLOMON, 19th Regiment CO A, wounded at Nashville

DOUGLASS, A. R. 2nd Regiment, CO E, (age 43)

Quattlebaum, John Doyle* CO F, Palmetto Sharpshooters, wounded at Fraser's farm, VA in seven days battle before Richmond

Ward, Andrew Govan* CO I, 20 SC Inf Reg

Ward, John O'Bannion* CO I, 20 SC Inf Reg

Bates, Needham H.* CO B 2 SC Art Reg

Cullum, Samuel Furman* CO F, Palmetto Sharpshooters

Cullum, William Pickens* Sgt CO E, 2 SC Art Reg

Cullum, James Cowell* CO E, 2 SC Art Reg

Cook, Wyatt* CO I, 20 SC Inf Reg

Redd, A. R., CO E, SC ARTY CSA

Redd, Charlie B.

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