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"Scumfuc's Tradition"

Here's the skinny, Everything I'm going to use is in, you never thought it would happen. I got the antiseen song on d.a.t. and never got it back from the studio so fuck it if i get it I will put it on later. hell stomper will not be on the first copies something is up with the format but all in all a very good trib! thanks to all the scum fucks out there and the awesome bands on this record! sorry about the wait.nuff order this CD send $11 in the US $14(cash) anywhere else to: ripchord records 419 Fisher rd. Summerville SC. 29483. GGTRIBUTE MAIL

Bands and songs confirmed to be on this GG tribute.I have everything except die when you die.
SEXSEXSEX "Gypsy Motherfucker & "bite it"
Worm suicide "analcunt" & "cheery love"
Dual Exaust "son of evil"
Dispostbanken "cunt sucking cannibal"
Flamin'Anus * "Don't talk to me" & "Automatic"
ANTiSEEN"Die when you die" hopefully
Hybrid Mutants * "you'll never tame me"
the Rejecters"women i never had"
PP7 Gaftzeb * "When I die"
Hell Stomper * "Rowdy beer drinkin night"
Submission * "Outlaw Scumfuc"
Tough Fucking Shit * "Kill the police"
the NERDS * "I wanna rape you" & "Legalize Murder"
The Swedefucs * "I wanna suck your cunt"
Sick losers from hell * "Fuck myself"