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Farewell my readers,

The Alter Aeon Literary Guild has been closed. The page and it's contents were given to Dentin, and the new webmaster Scribe. Too much to do and too little energy were definite factors in this situation. Not to worry, the same page with the same contents and MORE will soon be up on dentin's machine. I've transferred all the files to him. This site will no longer be updated, but check in occasionally to see when the new site is up and running. Any emails with gripes will probably get lost, though I'll still accept submissions of any sort, and make them available to Scribe. Start putting your feelings etc on paper because the REAL Alter Aeon Literary Guild will arrive in a few months. Not silly mud stuff but material of literary quality. A staff of several self-styled Laureates has been put together, and material will be forthcoming from them. The site will boast a new look and quality unseen in MUD-related web pages. Oh yeah, the Newbie Forest is soon to become a seperate site, that one didn't go to Dentin. It was given instead to our friendly neighborhood Islaine. It was against my religion to help newbies anyway. I'll keep you posted of development through this letter, so stop by occasionally. Bu bye now.

-Firebird, Editor of The Alter Aeon Literary Guild

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