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Featherston School

Kia ora ,welcome to the online home of Featherston Primary School in the sunny Wairarapa, New Zealand. This very moment you are very lucky to be reading this if you are a teacher who is looking for a new exciting job. We currently have two positions available for scale A teachers teaching in the middle or senior syndicate of our school. If this sounds like you and you have a current CV please email us, Fax us or contact THe Principal on 06 3089242 and leave a message on the answer machine. Read on to find out more eciting things that are happening at our fantastic school.Here we go about our everyday tasks with creative flair and informative learning. We have 12 classrooms ,a superb library and a supportive staff of over 20. Of course we would not have any of this without the learners ,the voices of tomorrow:the pupils! Around the 300 mark at present and always steadily growing.
  This Web site has been set up to provide information to any one who feels the need to discover more about our school and local community.Wow who can really believe that we are in to 1998 already!!!. Lets have a great one!!

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Featherston school

Revans street


Phone: 06 3089242

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