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This site is for the fans that would like to know everything about the England National Team in Football. On these pages you will find every match that England A has played since 1872. Every result, half-time score, goal scorer, venue and team sheet for each and every match.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Peter Young in Los Angeles for helping me with much of the information on my sites. Without Peter's help I would not have got very far.  Your work has been much appreciated and I know that you have put in many hours of work to help me. Thank you Peter.

On the coming pages you will find the matches in the order which they were played. On the number of the game is a link to a match report on a couple of games. I need help from you in getting more match-reports. Do you have some, please let me know.

On every opponents name is a link to a site, which features every match that England has played against that team in question. When you get to that page (it's on this page that you can see the half time score, and it's here that I want your help for all the missing half time scores. ), every result is linked to a site with the team sheet in question.

I have used the following colours to identify the outcome of the matches.

Green when England won the game
Yellow if it was a draw
Red if England lost the game

I hope you will find this site interesting and informative. Please mail me your comments and perhaps further information that you have regarding England A.

If you see any facts that you don't agree with, please mail me and I will go through my files and correct it if I have down something wrong.

My ambition is to have a match report on every game England has played. This will take some time, so I am hoping that if you have any information on any game, may it be a match report or whatever, please mail it to me, and I will try to include it. I will of course put your name on my site as a credit, if I use your input.

I will eventually also try to include pictures of every ground that England has played on, so if you have a picture please mail it to me. If you know a site that has a picture, let me know also.

I will also try to include as many links that I can to English soccer sites, so do you have any you wish to be included, mail me.

Let's all pull together and make this an Ultimate site on the greatest international team in the World.


Please note the banner for England 2006 below. Visit that site and sign up to show your support for England's bid to host the 2006 World Cup Finals. We can all have an impact on the outcome. When you have cast your vote, please mail me an tell me so, and I will include you on a special page for those who votes for England. Remember that Football coming home in 2006.

Visit the England 2006 site and cast your vote for England:
England 2006
When your vote is casted, mail me and I will include your name and e-mail address  on a special page for Fans of England. Push the button below, and write your name and where you are from.

Index with links:

All countries that England has played against.
Page 1 of 15    30.11.1872-03.03.1894
Page 2 of 15    12.03.1894-15.03.1909
Page 3 of 15    03.04.1909-24.05.1926
Page 4 of 15    20.10.1926-04.12.1935
Page 5 of 15    05.02.1936-15.10.1949
Page 6 of 15    16.11.1949-02.11.1955
Page 7 of 15    30.11.1955-27.05.1961
Page 8 of 15    28.09.1961-26.06.1966
Page 9 of 15    29.06.1966-03.02.1971
Page 10 of 15  21.04.1971-15.05.1976
Page 11 of 15  23.05.1976-25.03.1981
Page 12 of 15  29.04.1981-25.05.1985
Page 13 of 15  06.06.1985-15.11.1989
Page 14 of 15  13.12.1989-17.11.1993
Page 15 of 15  09.03.1994-onwards

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