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The Tranzor Z Headquarters

The Tranzor Z Headquarters

LAST UPDATED March 26th, 2010
Hey Everyone! This is Justin Brown here! The world's #1 Tranzor Z fan! The page is constantly under construction, so check back every few weeks for updates, and I'll make this page awesome! Tranzor Z deserves a major he's gonna get one, finally! See ya soon!


Tranzor Z is an awesome anime from the 80's. It was my favorite show as a kid, and deserves a decent page to promote the show, in the small hopes that one day, our next generation can expirence the exciting adventures of the most powerful robot warrior ever, TRANZOR Z!!


The main charactes in the Tranzor Z show were Tommy Davis who is Tranzor Z's pilot, Dr. Davis who took over the Volcanic Research Institute after Tommy's grandfather left retired and was murdered. Jessica Davis, who Pilots Aphrodite-A and later on Diana-A, and is also Dr. Davis' daughter.
There is also Bobo, a giant jock who always has to have everything his way, and also captured the Professers who maintain Tranzor, and forced them to make him his own robot, the Bobo-Bot. His two lackeys are Jim and Chris. There is also Toad, who is Tommy's little brother.
There are also the "three professors", who help in upgrading Tranzor and Aphrodite. The only ones name that is ever mentioned is Dr. Manning (The short guy with the long beard). That is the good side of the cast.
The Evil Team consists of Dr. Demon, the lead bad guy who wants nothing more to destroy Tanzor Z and take over the world, Devleen, who is a she-man. Half man, Half woman, the worst of each. He is Dr. Demon's 1rst Lieutennant, and henchman. He carries out Dr. Demon's missions and plots against the world.
And then we can't forget about Count Decapito. His name is because his head has been decapitated from his body, and floats around the rest of his figure. He comes later in the series,and is Dr. Demon's General. He commands Dr. Demon's second class troops, which differ from Devleen's Iron Mask Warriors. Count Decapito and Devleen are constantly in feud with each other, each one trying to be the first to destroy Tranzor Z, and who both feel Dr. Demons wrath at each of their constant failures.
And finally, later in the final season, Ghengis is introduced. Ghengis is Dr. Demons evil rival, and eventually takes over after Dr. Demon perishes. Thus starting the second Tranzor Z series, Great Mazinger (Overseas name). The second and third series never made it to the United States. That's mainly the whole cast.


In the late 1970's, a man by the name of Go Nagai created an anime. This was not his first, nor his last, but possibly his best. The name of the show was Mazinger Z, and it aired in Japan. The show was so popular that other countries incorporated it to their televisions.
In the Europe and its countries, it was translated into French, and the name was kept the same, Mazinger Z. In Mexico and Cuba, and other Latino countries, it was translated into Spanish under the name Mazinga, and in some cases Mazinga-Z, and Mazinger.
And then, finally, in 1984, the show was incorporated into the United States as Tranzor Z. However, unlike every other country that brought on the show, the United States television laws did not allow the content of the show, so, even through the animation of all the versions of the show is the same, Tranzor Z's story line for every episode was changed. It was changed from just a few minor things, to the whole episode being re-written.
And in the US, the credits of Tranzor Z do not say anywhere that the show was originally created by Go Nagai, but created by the producer and owner, Bunker Jenkins. Credit was given to the Toei company.
Many believe that the rescripting of the show lowered it to a disgusting level to where the US should have never released the show. I couldn't disagree more. I love Tranzor Z. I love everything about it. I don't think anything should be redone...again. It should be left as it is.
Now, after the final season of Mazinger Z ended, in the final episode, Mazinger Z was destroyed, and a new Mazinger was introduced, the Great Mazinger. And after the Great Mazinger run ended, yet a third show was produced which was, UFO Robo Grendizer. And in some episode of that show, it is explained how Mazinger Z, Great Mazinger, and UFO Robo Grendizer are all linked together as sequels. Great Mazinger never aired in the US as far as I know. But, I do know that in the opening theme of Tranzor Z, that some scenes are thown with the Great Mazinger. One is the final shot before the episode begins, and it shows Great Mainger standing on a mountain above the Volcanic Research Institute. Also, in some episodes it shows Tommy getting into a much different looking hovercraft, and going underwater to get to Tranzor Z. This in fact, had nothing to do with Tranzor Z. This was the launch sequence used in the Great Mazinger show. It is not Tommy piloting the hovercraft into Tranzor Z's head, its the pilot of Great Mazinger, which was built by Tommy's dad, who never really died but now had bionic arms, with a new pilot who was raised from childhood flying the Spazer Saucer into the brand new Great Mazinger. This pilot was also a pyscho in a version of the series! Some versions of the series say that the Great Mazinger was created by Tommy's grandfather, who was also somehow alive, though Tommy was never to know that his grandfather lived. Grendizer however, was shown in the US in the Force Five Series.

This page is a Tranzor Z page, so from now on, everything will be strictly on Tranzor Z.


This is a brief storyline of what happened in the show. Dr. Demon a deranged scientist planning to rule the world. Together with Devleen, they would rule the world under an iron first thanks to the help of Dr. Demons evil giant Machine Beasts. They would destroy cities in minutes, and bring the world to its knees. The only thing standing in his way was his former partner, professor Wells, a kind man who would made the worlds most powerful discovery. The discovery of Ultra Alloy Z. A metal that could not be destroyed, and its photoatomic power was none seen by anyone in the world.
Wells and Demon were once partners but Demon chose the path of destruction and Wells chose the path of good. So, after the discovery of Alloy Z, Wells retired from the Volcanic Institute leaving control of it to Dr. Davis.
Wells left for his mountin Villa, and secretly began construction of Tranzor Z. When Demon was finally ready to leash out his monsters he sent Devleen to destroy Wells' home and work. Devleen succeded in bombing Wells' home, but not before he could call his Grandson, Tommy, and call him to come over fast. When Tommy arrived he found his Grandfathers house in rubble and smoking. While quickly looking for any sign of his Grandpa, his brother, Toad, slipped through the rubble into a secret basement. Tommy rushed down and recovered his brother where there they found their Grandfther crushed unter a big pile of debris. He was close to death, but before he died he told Tommy to look behind the control pannel. Tommy did, and found the giant robot Tranzor Z. In shock at this discovery, he rushed back to his Grandfather with questions. Dr. Wells' told Tommy about Dr. Demon and his plans for the world. He told Tommy that he wanted him to be Tranzor Z's pilot and master. He quickly explained a few things about Tranzor Z and linking the hovercraft into his head, but not nearly enough for Tommy to learn.
At this time Wells' past away. Tommy, raged with anger ran for the hovercraft set out for revenge, and with a few tries he was able to land the hovercraft into Tranzor Z's head. (At this time, depending which show you watch a few different things happen. I'm only gonna talk about what happens in Tranzor Z.) Tommy went out and began to fight Demons monsters that were already attacking the city. With Tommy's inexpirence it was an extremely tough fight, but Tranzor Z prevailed, and was then guided back to the Research Institute, and to where he could dock Tranzor the swimming pool. From this point on Demon and Devleen kept sending more and more machine beasts out, and Tranzor Z kept destroying them all.
Then Demon brought in the hideous man known as Count Decapito. Decapito was known for reaking all kinds of destruction on the world. Decapito sent out on the mission to destroy Tranzor Z. He failed, but not without a good fight. From now on, Demon forced Decapito and Devleen to partner up in the hope to eliminate Tranzor Z.
Demon and Decapito tried everything to destroy Tranzor and came close many times, even getting far enough where they destroyed the Research Institute twice, then having to rebuild it, and damaging the Scrambler so bad, a new one had to be made, and then even wrecking the hovercraft so bad, then all it could be used for was junk, and a new one had to be created. (But that wasn't until the final season.)
Even after all that they did,they still could not eliminate Tranzor Z. Demon furious with this gave Devleen one more chance to destroy Tranzor or be cast out forever. Devleen asked for help from Ghengis, Demon's rival. Ghengis gave Devleen a super powerful beast, but it was to no avail. Rather than going back to Demon in shame, Devleen tried to ram his Submarine "The Tigershark" into Tranzor Z. He smashed into him, but did not destroy him. Ghengis rescued Devleen from the sinking ship, and the last thing Devleen saw before he died was the Research Institute in flames, and the thought that he had finally destroyed Tranzor Z. Little did he know that Tranzor Z was far from destroyed.
After a few more battles with Demon and Decapito, the location of Demon's secret base was descovered. An all out war team of Tommy and Tranzor Z, Jessica and Aphrodite-A, and Bobo's gang in the Bobo-bot was assembled to crush Demon once and for all. They made it to Demon's base, and after an all out struggle, Tranzor Z prevailed, and Demon's island was destryoed with Demon and Decapito escaping in Decapito's Aircfart.
Tranzor Z chased the aircraft and destroyed it. The last we see of Decapito and Demon before the ship is destroyed is Demon crying in terror surrendering everything, and Demon swearing on everything that he would be back, no matter what, to get his revenge.
The series ends with Tranzor Z, Aphrodite-A and the Bobo-bot standing in the sunset, rejoicing in their new peace. And Bobo asking if he could have Tranzor Z now that his work was done. The screen begins to fade out with the narrator (Bunker) wondering if as long as evil in the world still exists if Tranzor Z's work would ever be done.


Well, there were a lot of strange thing`s that happened in the show over its time. Things that aren't necesarily wrong or bad, but just different. For example, Tranzor Z was the first show ever to show different ways to approach things. Take Voltron for example. Whenever the lions went to form Voltron, they showed the exact same launch sequnce to form Voltron, and to get to the lions, in every episode. They was never any change. You saw the same 2 minutes of the episode every time.
Now, Tranzor Z on the other hand, took things to a new level. There were many ways in which Tommy got to the hovercraft and got to Tranzor Z. Sometimes it was from his house or the Institiute. Maybe he left in it from his school. Maybe it was already linked in Tranzor Z's head. Every episode was different. Now i'll admit a lot of the episodes showed the hovercraft landing in his head the same way. But in a whole lot of them, there were different action scened showing it. It wasn't all the same view like in Voltron. There were times when Tommy landed the hovercraft normally in Tranzor Z's head, and others when he was in a hurry and practically crashed the hovercraft into his head when trying to link up.
Another type of memorable moment was once, Tommy had been beaten up by a gang up thugs and dragged by a motorcycle. He was not in good condition, but he was needed and needed to get to Tranzor Z. So, Tommy made it to his hovercraft, and then because he was so badly hurt, he was flying all over the place, trying to get to Tranzor. He couldn't keep control of the hovercraft and flew around for awhile like a bat out of hell. He even crashed the hovercraft into the side of Tranzor Z's head, when trying to link up. It's actually pretty amusing to watch even though it only lasts a minute. Even seeing him being dragged by a motorcycle is pretty funny.
Another moment is in an episode where Tommy had risen Tranzor Z out of the swimming pool, and was going to link up, when a monster shot a missle at Tranzor Z's feet. When the missle exploded it destroyed the ground at Tranzor Z's feet, and he began to fall. And because Tommy had not linked up yet he continued to fall. Tommy now, trying to hurry, tried to link up with Tranzor but he was falling and when Tommy went for the link, he missed, and banked the hovercraft off the tip of his head, and then fell into the link spot. Its not as amusing as seeing the hovercraft actually smash into the side of his head, but after not seeing the show for 12 years, and that being the first thing I saw in the first episode I bought, I laughed my ass off. It is really funny to see screw ups that people do in episodes.
Another moment is the fact that Tommy's grandfather's last name is Wells. Tommy's last name is Davis. His brother Toad's last name is Davis. The professer at the Volcanic Research Institute's last name is Davis, and Jessica's last name is Davis. Tommy and Toad are related, and The Professer and Jessica are related, but they are not all family. The closest they got to family is one time Tommy and Jessica considred dating, and when Demon blew up Tommy's house, he moved into the Research Institute with Jessica and the Professer. Its a common misunderstanding that they are all family, especially being that in one episode Devleen called Dr. Davis Tommy's father. That is not true. Tommy's parents died when Devleen blew up Tommy's first house in the first episode. (Or it was thought that his father and grandfather were dead.)
And for the time being,one last humerous moment was an episode where the Bobo-bot was trapped and needed to escape, so Tommy sent the Scrambler to bring him home. Now since the Bobo-bot's waist was so big, Scrambler couldn't attatch itself around it, so it just grabbed his foot and dragged him by it through the air, and eventually dropped him on his head when he was safe.

Tranzor Z Episodes

1.) Birthright (Part 1)
2.) Birthright (Part 2)
3.) Tranzor Z VS. The Disassembler

4.) Tranzor Z Can Swim
5.) The Sky Vampire
6.) Doom Barnacles

7.) Tranzor Z VS. The Super Sonic Monster
8.) Aphrodiate-A Is Captured
9.) Tranzor Z VS. The Grinch

10.) Diamond Thieves
11.) Demons Dastardly Duo
12.) Institute Is Closed

13.) Tommy Is Hypnotized
14.) Central Parks Secret
15.) Toad Is Kidnapped

16.) Great Behemoth
17.) Demons Giant Rifle/Victor
18.) Abominable Snowball

19.) Lucifers Whip
20.) Whirwind Monster
21.) Dr. Davis Resigns

22.) Billy & Hurricane 75
23.) Games In Ghost Town
24.) Judy & The Juggernaut

25.) The Trio Of Terror
26.) The Ultrabeast
27.) Bogus and Rogus

28.) Friendly Fire
29-A.) Ultra Power (Pt.1)
29-B.) Deadly Air Attack (Pt.2)

30.) Scrambler is Born
31.) Mirrors of Madness
33.) Hydra Odious

32.) Orca Monster
39.) Devleens Last Chance
40-A.)Demon's Airship

36-A.) Scrambler Rips Wings
37.) Paratroopers/Rebuild Scrambler

40-B.) Solarius II
41.) Magneto K5
42.) Agilo Twins - Baby

43.) Pre-Henso Duel
44.) Leviathan (Pt.1)
45.) Leviathan (Pt.2)

46.) Bobobot Creation
47.) Bobobot Goes Beserk
48.) Bobobot/Bat Ray

49.) Halloween/Max-Min
50.) Tortugo - Low Energy
51.) Wanted Poster

52.) Glaciator - Skiis
53.) Alloy Stolen - Santa
54.) Demon's Ultra Alloy Monster

55.) Screaming Dervish
56.) Bobobot Flies
57.) Devleen/Laundress

58.) Cyclone Sniper
59.) Sabre/Skeleton (Pt.1)
60.) Sabre/Slime Viper (Pt.2)

61.) Balloons - Sally
62.) Acid bath
63.) Ghengis Dinosaur Digger

64.) Devleen's Demise
65.) The End Of Demon

I also own the five feature movies, however they are not for sale.
1.- "A Pilot Is Found, Kid Becomes A Hero"
2.- "Devleen and DeCapito Duel"
3- "Dr. Demon's Acid Bath"
4-"The Fight For Alloy Z"
5-"The Bobobot"

The Rest Of These Are Misc. Mazinger Z Movies I Have.

6-"Great Mazinger/ Grendizer Double Feature"
(English Subtitled and Letterbox)
7-"Mazinger Z vs. The Grand General Of Darkness"
(English Subtitled and Letterbox)
8-"Mazinger Z vs. Devilman"
(English Subtitled and Letterbox)
9-"Mazinger Z Series DVD Set (all 92 eps)

Those are the actual titles for the episodes, with the exception of 1-24, they didn't have any on the slates. I created the titles for episodes 1-24.


Hey Everyone, we are not distributing the series anymore. We have been asked to stop by William Davis, who claims to be the copyright owner of Mazinger Z in the US, so we have agreed to stop. We've extended our hands in friendship to him in hopes he plans on doing something with the series, or has a new project in mind. Maybe there is some hope after all for the James Cameron movie?? Let's hope so! Anyway, I canceled the old email address and will open a new TranzorZHQ email soon for all your questions. I think I took care of the last questions that came in before I canceled the account, but in case I didn't resend it to me when I get the new one up and running.- Justin


Warning: This will offend many....

Sorry my friends and loyal customers, but this has to be said...

Alright, there is only so much a person can stand before the rage gets to him... So that's what this part is for, basically it's for me to complain and piss and moan about some people and some things out there.
Now I understand how things work, sometimes you get the good, sometimes you get the bad, and then sometimes you get nothing but absolute morons. Now I know everyone out there is pretty much the same as I am. Smart, decent, and has a good head on their shoulders, and about 99.9% of you out there are excellent customers, but then there's that .01% of you people who think you know it all, you gotta always be right, and you know my own web page better than I do.
Well, guess what pal, ya don't ya damn whisker-biscuit Crackhead! You can't possibly know more about my own page then I do, and so this section is dedicated to you idiots out there, that still just don't get it.
First, Tranzor Z is spelled T-R-A-N-Z-O-R-Z. Come on now spell it with me...Honestly this is my biggest pet peeve you guys. There is nothing I hate more than someone spelling Tranzor Z with an "S". Come on you guys, spell it right. It's only spelled right on this page about 500 times Alright, my final complaint. And this one is going to all you others that own Tranzor Z web pages. Not Mazinger Z web pages, but just Tranzor Z web pages. Mazinger Z web page owners: Most of you do a damn fine job on your pages and I commend you for it. Tranzor Z web page owners...oh boy...I've searched everywhere online for Tranzor Z web pages, and just pages devoted to Tranzor Z, or at least huge sections devoted to the series. Including myself, I've found maybe 7. And of those 7 I deem maybe 3 of them somewhat decent.(And that was in 1999 and it's what mid 2003 now? (It's 2010 now as I reread this and other Tranzor pages still suck, haha!)And everything is still garbage...) The rest of you...look at my the information on the show..then go back and fix your pages. that's all I got to say about that. AND DAMMIT, IF I EVER MEET THE OWNER OF THE TRANZOR Z WEB PAGE THAT SPELLS TRANZOR Z "TRANSOR z", I AM GOING TO HIT YOU IN THE HEAD WITH A TACKHAMMER! There...I feel a lot better now.
Actually I have a few more complaints, like you idiots that email me and tell me all this stuff that did and did not happen in the series, and how I am lying to the fans of the show by telling them lies about the series, and how the story really went and so on...Alright, listen to me...Now this might sound a little conceited but there-ain't-damn-near-no-one-out-there who knows more about the series than I do. Sorry, but that's the truth. It's one thing to email me and question something I said and want me to look into it and we'll discuss it, but for you ones who think you know it all and only your right, all I can say to you is read the page, learn the page, live the page, know the page, wash your ass, take your vitamins, say your prayers, and wake the hell up, and then you'll be right. Any Questions now? That's what I thought.

Be sure to E-mail me friends!!! I want to know what you think of my page! -Justin-

"Good Job Nailing Those Incompitent Bastards To A Cross." - I Still Love It!

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