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Hey I ran across a poem worth viewing.This piece of work is
brought to you through Ashweb by an individual indentifying himself as Icarus Falling.
God is an asshole.
Creating Judas; knowing (omniscient as "He" is)
      that "it would have been better if this man
      were never born".
But God created Judas anyway,
      and damned him to hell
      for acts pre-ordained, and pre-known (omniscient as "He" is)

God is duplicitous.
"Thou shalt not kill"
      except, for a thousand exceptions, "by man shall his blood be shed".
And God "Himself" kills, in "holy", genocidal rage -- ask the Egyptians
      (or the antediluvian world).
Hitler was a boy scout next to God.

God is cruel.
Creating "sinners"; knowing (omniscient as "He" is)
      that their existence will reduce,
      in the end,
      to a prelude of sin,
      followed by an eternity of torture.
And God creates "sinners" anyway.

So, are you listening "God"?
You, who butcher and torture and lie
      -- in the name of "love"
      Like an abusive parent
      justifying, rationalizing.
You are not my God.
You are not my Savior.
You are nothing;
      -- No, not even nothing : you are less than nothing.
           You are the creator of hell (omniscient as You are)
From the birth of the Universe
      You knew its fate
And you created it anyway.

The sin, the evil, the torment
      these are Your doing
The Universe was Yours to create
      as You saw fit
And so You created it as it is
      and peopled it with "sinners"
      created, by You, for sin, and endless torture.

Like a sadistic child
      Burning ants with a magnifying glass
      Because You can.

And so, we are told, You burn our souls;
      You mark us damned.
      Because You can.

Our paths pre-known (omniscient as You are)
      You create us anyway
      Because You can.

I, on the other hand
      am mortal man.
The power You wield
      I can't command
But flesh, and bone, and sin and suffering
      are my lot
Because You made it so (omniscient and omnipotent as You are)

And, if I burn,
You damn Yourself
      by proxy,
      by act.
For I am nothing
      except Your handiwork
And You have known
      long before You made me (omniscient as You are)
      where my road would end.

So, if I am damned
And if You are too cowardly
      to accept Your own judgment
           -- as accomplice
           -- as mastermind
           -- as the "Father" of damnation, and all the damned
Then *I* will speak
      on my own behalf
And I will damn You
      -- evil, cruel, sadistic and omniscient as You are --
      as You knew I would
      when you chose to create me anyway.

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