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Darklight's Castle
Darklight's Castle

I hereby welcome you to come and explore this castle and be transported back into time.Formerly known as "Between Fantasy And Reality",I've decided to turn my humble abode into something much more alluring,like a castle back in the medieval times..Have a good stay as only the bravest survive...
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1st May 2001

The Chateau

Informations on L.J.Smith and her books

The Crystal Ball

A find your soulmate game.

The Library

My writings

The Room

Voting Page

The Tower

Links and banners

The Trophy Room


The Hall

Internet Clubs I'm In

The Keep


The Stable

Images and cliparts of unicorns

The Underground


The Dungeon

In the dungeon resides the dragon,whom is the protector of this castle.Hear to what it has to say.

You are required to write into The Scroll before you go.
Read The Scroll my Dreambook!
Sign The Scroll my Dreambook!

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This castle belongs to Lady Darklight,a lady of medieval.