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Jean-Guy Dallaire: introduction


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Jean-Guy Dallaire studied photography at the Northen Alberta Institute of Technology in Edmonton. After a long career as a photographer, he moved to Vancouver and began a career in sculpture. Self taught, his numerous exhibitions include those at Madison Square Gardens and ArtExpo'84 in New York. In 1986, he began to teach in Vancouver schools and colleges and later organized some international workshops. In the past years, the artist discovered a new passion: the study of forms and of images, sometimes surprising, which appear in the clouds that grace our skies.

For Jean-Guy Dallaire, the clouds in the sky are an unlimited source of symbolic images of a great beauty. Through photography he attempted to capture some of those ephemeral moments which he shares with us.

Jean-Guy Dallaire est un artiste sculpteur et photographe. Il a continué ses études au Northern Alberta Institute of Technology à Edmonton ou il reçu un diplôme en photographie. Après une longue carrière comme photographe, il a déménagé à Vancouver et commence son travail en sculpture. Autodidacte, il expose ensuite au Madison Square Gardens et à ArtExpo'84 à New York. En 1986, il commence à enseigner dans les collèges et les écoles de Vancouver, puis il organize des ateliers internationaux pour faire connaître de nouvelles techniques qu'il a maîtrisées. Depuis quelques années Jean-Guy Dallaire s'est découvert une nouvelle passion: celle de l'étude das formes et des images parfois surprenantes qui apparaisent dans la voûte céleste.

Pour cet artiste la voûte céleste avec ses nuages est pour l'artiste, une source illimitée d'images symboliques d'une grande beauté. C'est grâce à la photographie que Jean-Guy Dallaire a immortalisé ces moments éphémères qu'il partage avec nous.


1943 Born in Québec
1952 My family moved on a farm in St.Edouard, Alberta
1957-61 Attended Collège St.Jean in Edmonton
1963-65 Received Diploma of Photographic Technology from N.A.I.T.
1965-66 Worked in Ottawa as a civilian member of the R.C.M.P.
1967-77 Specialized in wedding photography-Edmonton

1976 Self-taught - pioneered new sculpture techniques using "sahara foam"
1978 First bronze casting - Artcast, Toronto
1978 Attended International Sculpture Conference, Toronto
1978 Moved to Vancouver
1982 First international juried exhibition - New Artists Presentation,
1982 Madison Square Garden, NYC
1982 Attended International Sculpture Conference, Oakland, Ca.
1982 Exhibition at Edmonton Public Library and the St.Paul Cultural Centre, Alberta
1984 Exhibition at ArtExpo, NYC
1985 A new direction
...on a beautiful sunnyday a friend invited me to celebrate birthdays and suggested that we go to the beach. While walking along the seashore, I found stones and pebbles which reminded me very much of similar stones which have inspired some modern sculptors in particular Henry Moore. I was very excited by my findings and searching for the significant became important to me.

1985 First sculpture called "Wreck Beach Original"
1986 Public conference and exhibition, Faculté Saint-Jean, University of Alberta
1988 Sculpture presentation to Smithers-Oasis Company, Ajax, ON.
1989 Unveiling sculpture techniques, Robson Square Conference Centre, Vancouver
1990 Artist in residence----------J.H.Picard School, Edmonton, AB
1990-93 Sculpting instructor------Capilano College CE, Vancouver, BC
1990-94 " " ----------Langara College CE, Vancouver, BC
1993-present " ----------`Vancouver School Board CE
1991 Organized first international workshop held at the Burnaby Arts Centre and the following years at the University of British Columbia.
1993 First solo exhibition, Alliance Française de Vancouver.
1994-present, shows at various cultural events in greater Vancouver
1995 Photographic exhibition - Vancouver Public Main Library
1996 First international sale - Ketterer Kunst Hamburg / Germany
1997 Participated in the International Conference of the Visual Arts, Vancouver
1999 Exposition Francophone, Pendulum Gallery, HSBC Bldg. Vancouver
1999 First "Wreck Beach Original" enlargement - Animal form: wave
2001 Exhibition - Burnaby Arts Council Gallery - juried
2001 Exhibition - Maple Ridge Art Gallery - juried
2002 3rd Annual Garden Sculpture Exhibit - August 3,4 and 5th.
2003 Sculptors' Society of British Columbia group show at the Vancouver Central Public Library.
2003 Selected by International jury to exhibit at the Biennale Internationale Dell'Arte Contemporanea, Florence, Italy. Was not able to participate.

2004 Sculptors' Society of British Columbia group show at the Vancouver Central Public Library.
2004 In Search of your Spiritual Source, Organized by the Chaplains Association of UBC.
2004 Cityscape, Art Council Gallery, North Vancouver
2004 Expressions of Art: Nativity, hosted by St. Mark's College, UBC
2005 "SSBC Legacies Through Time" Surrey Art Gallery, June 18 - August 7 (Group Show)
2005 "Courting Sculpture" West Vancouver Memorial Library, July 29 - August 7 (Group Show)
2005 Pendulum Gallery in the Atrium (Bank of Hong Kong) June 19 - July 2 (Group Show)
2005 Showcase - Kitsilano Library, December 1 - December 31
2006 "Rencontre" Art students, Kitsilano Secondary School, April 7
2006 Vitrine Culturelles, May 27, Alliance Francaise, Vancouver
2006 Pendulum Gallery, July 10 - July 22, (Group Show) Vancouver
2006 West Vancouver Memorial Library, August 2 - 30, (Group Show)West Vancouver
2006 VanDusen Bontanical Garden, September 1 - 4, (Group Show) Vancouver
2006 "Showcase - West Point Grey Library, August 1-15
2007 An exhibition of clouds images titled "Art in the sky". Moat Gallery, Vancouver Public Library, Vancouver
2007 "FACES IN THE CLOUDS" An introduction to cloud appreciation Vancouver School Board Continuing Education
2007 Burnaby Art Gallery, (Group Show) Burnaby, B.C.
2008 Invited artist,"LES RENDEZ-VOUS DE LA FRANCOPHONIE" Canada Revenue Agency, Agence du revenu du Canada, Surrey Campus
2008 "Art in the City" WestEnd Community Centre
2008 La murale "du bout du monde" Francoforce, Vancouver
2008 Journée-Carrière, College Educacentre
2008 Faces in the Clouds, Expression of Art featuring the Nativity, held at St.Mark's Anglican Church,Vancouver
2009 Clouds Images... a sense of the sacred, Beacon Hill, Victoria, May 5
2009 Nuages en Images, Alliance for the arts + culture, Vancouver, May 19
2009 The Sculptors'Society of British Columbia, VanDusen Botanical Garden, July-24-28
2009 "Visages dans les nuages" Alliance Francaise de Vancouver, November 6
2009 "Visages dans les nuages" ACFA, Centre Culturel de St.Paul, Alberta December 16
2010 "Perspectives on Identity" International Village, Vancouver, Jan. 21-31
2010 OLYMPIADE CULTURELLE- Salon des Communautés, Granville Island, Vancouver
2010 Salon des Artisans,13e Festival de la francophonie de Victoria.
2010 "Seeds and Clouds",Kanawaga Prefectural Gallery,Yokohama City, Japan
2010 The Sculptor's Society of B.C. Place des Arts, Coquitlam, BC.
2010 L'ETEATRE, Arts Visuels, Auditorium - Jules-Vernes, Vancouver
2010 Pender Island Community Hall, August 11
2010 Shadbolt Centre for the Arts, August 22 (cancelled)

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Honorary member of the Sculptors' Society of British Columbia (
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