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Anneewakee Survivors !!

This page has been set up as an attempt to fill a void in my life. Anneewakee was a residential Treatment center for emotionally disturbed young men which operated in Douglasville , Georgia during the 70's and 80's.The center was the brainchild of Dr. Louis J. Poetter and was set up to give the patients a wilderness living experience while participating in scheduled group, vocational, and educational therapy under the close supervision of psychiatric assistants (or group leaders) as well as a full staff of psychiatric and social workers. The center was eventually closed in the late 80's due to allegations of sexual and physical abuse and forced work imprisonment.It has since re-opened under a different name. If you attended Anneewakee I need not fill in any details for you....your experiences were much the same as mine. During my 4 year stay I developed many friendships with people from all over the country.This was almost inevitable as we lived together 24 hours a day.Unlike most schools which have an across the board graduation, patients at Anneewakee were "terminated" according to their individual treatment plans which made keeping in contact or a reunion almost an impossibillity. I have started this page as an attempt to regain touch with some of those friends I made and discuss and perhaps find closure for many of the things we experienced.Although it is a shot in the dark,I felt I must try something. If you would like to get in touch with some of those "ghosts" from your past , please use this page as a springboard Perhaps we can answer some questions that we all have asked ourselves.Anyone interested can e-mail me below.. I attended @1973-1977.I was S-435.I was in Wawoka as my work group and my school group was Achunda.I went on the Mexico trip and I was at Carrabelle for a brief stint. I look forward to hearing from anyone who stumbles across this page. Thanks, Don Sewell Please e-mail me with any stories, pictures , or other items that you think should be included on the I said from the beginning this project is inclusive and open for ideas from all!!
Hello, Thank you for inquiring about the Anneewakee site. We currently maintain a very close-knit, private group of fellow alumni on Yahoo Groups called Anneewakee and Anneewakee dot com. these are temporary meeting places until work on our permanent site WWW. is completed, hopefully within the next few months. we now have a group of about 60 people, Men and Women who were all former patients at Anneewakee Treatment Center. The members' times of attendance spans nearly the existence of the foundation so we have old and new alike, so to speak. We are a no-holds-barred group and we do just what we did at Anneewakee. We express our feelings mostly centering around our stays. Some of us have managed to get better and maybe some of us worse...point is, we are all trying still. So, that is the low down on the group. now if you would like to become a member there is a very simple procedure to follow:
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pretty easy huh? if you do not already have a free Yahoo membership and can not quite get the hack of how to get one...PLEASE e-mail me at and I will send you step by step instructions to walk you through membership to anneewakeedot com or Anneewakee. WE have big plans for the next couple of years and we want you to be a part