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Meet the Canberra Youth Singers

The Canzona Choir

The Canzona Choir consists of boys and girls aged 7-12 and is the youngest of the performing choirs. each chorister's musical ability is developed, and through regular engagements, choristers learn the self-disipline required to form publicly. This group has performed extensively at residential homes for the elderly, as well as at the High Court, National Gallery and other venues and functions in Canberra.

The Canzonetta Group

The Canzonetta Group is a selected group from the Canzonas, chosen on merit by audition.

The Cantabile Singers

The Cantabile Singers consists of girls aged 10 to 19 and is the main performing choir. Members of this choir have performed overseas and interstate, they have been privileged to perform with The Canberra Youth Orchestra. They have also sung in many venues around Canberra including the National Gallery, Parliament House, The High Court and Duntroon. They have performed in spectacular events around Canberra including 'Dante's Inferno', 'Songs of Fire', 'The Dreamkeeper', and The Young Australian of the Year Awards.

The Camerata Group

The Camerata Group is a selected group of singers, chosen on merit by audition. This choir aims to give regular public performances of the highest possible standard and regularly sings at private functions, including weddings.

The Music Staff

Rowan Martin and Johanna McBride conduct the Cantabile and Camerata Singers. Rowan is also our Musical Director and is responsible for the overall musical direction of the choir. Bekk Liang conducts the Canzonas and Canzonettas with help from two training conductors, Nikola Frencham and Sonia Anfiloff. Brian Cousins is our skilful and adaptable accompanist.