Confederate Cemetery
Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina


No undertaking can be the work of a single person everything done is built upon the shoulders of others. This project is no exception. There are many people that put a great deal of time and effort into this piece of work, some to the point that I have trouble taking credit for putting the information together. Among those I would like to thank:

Boy Scout Troop 20. My home troop has been the source of inspiration, momentum, and labor I needed to finish this project. Special thanks would have to go to Joe Saunders, Jeffrey Saunders, Jacob Lott, Greaton Sellers, and Nathan Herring for the hours they put into documenting and measuring the cemetery.

Jim Craig - Scoutmaster of Troop 20. Mr. Craig has been a driving force behind my growth as a Scout, a leader, a citizen, and a person. His sage advice, calm understanding, and thoughtful reflections have helped mot ivate me to finish this project and many other endeavors in my life.

My family. Claire and Emily, my sisters, helped with all the manual labor that went into putting this project together, and faithfully turned out on several workdays. Chris, my brother, whose work on his own Eagle project and devotion to Scouting helped to push me along. My mother, Sandy, whose comments and criticisms helped refine this work. And my father, Ted, who worked beside me for long hours, troubleshooting computer problems and human problems, and whose undiminished effort and devotion is deserving of many more thanks that I could ever give.

Confederate Memorial Association. This organization allowed me the use and documentation of their cemetery, and whose permission and information is much appreciated.

Mary Julia-Royall - to whom this project is dedicated. For all her hard work in refining and correcting my errors, and for being a constant fountain of information, many, many thanks go out to her. She has stood by this project, helped it grow in its infancy, and gave me a will and a way to carry out in full the job I was asked to do. If anyone, this book is for her.