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Barratt's Anatomy Page

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Welcome to Barratt's Anatomy Page!  This page was written to help you link to information on a wide variety of biology topics.  Most pages were written on a high school level, so it is perfect for research by high school students.


Everybody hates the part of anatomy class where you have to put your hands into a nasty dead thing and cut it open but here, you can do dissections without any rubber gloves at all.

Cat Dissections Online   Ms. Marantz's 1996 Human Anatomy Class of Berkeley High provided this site to guide you through the dissection of a cat.

Cow's Eye Dissection  The Exploratorium in San Francisco offers step by step information on the dissection of a cow's eye, which can be downloaded onto your computer.  Also included are helpful hints from Exploratorium staff and a glossary of terms.

The Interactive Frog Dissection   The Interactive Frog Dissection is a demonstration of the dissection of a pithed frog.   It includes still and motion visuals as well as thourough explanation in text.

The Sheep Brain Dissection Guide  The University of Scranton offers a guide to the dissection of a sheep's brain along with an excellent explanation of the relationships of the parts and of vocabulary and terms.   (Some advice:   Use Netscape as your server, because Purveyor really is dysfunctional.)

The Virtual Pig Dissection received a BioMedLink award for its detailed sketches and descriptions of the anatomy of a pig.

Human Anatomy

The human body is full of good stuff.  The following pages provide information on it all.

Body Quest is a good basic overview.  Body Quest offers basic information on each basic part of human anatomy.  You can even take a quiz when you've finished browsing!

The Head and Neck

Skull Anatomy Tutorial provides information on the various bones that make up the skull. It also includes diagrams of the skull from five different angles.

A Brief Tour of the Brian includes information on the history of the study of the brain, on the basic anatomy of the large features of the brain, on anatomy on a cellular level, and on the organization of tissues.

Inner Ear Anatomy provides information and diagrams on inner ear anatomy, focusing on the cochlea and on cochlear fluid.

The Eye is a description of the various anatomical structures in the eye in an outline form.

Ear Nose and Throat Anatomy Review   The Baylor College of Medicine provides detailed descriptions and diagrams of the anatomy of the temporal bone, ear, nose, paranasal sinuses, oral cavity, pharynx, larynx, salivary glands, and the neck.

The Skin

Anatomy and Histology of the Skin   Loyola University in Chicago offers information and diagrams of the various layers of the skin.

Abdomen and Pelvis

Renal Tutorial   The Renal Tutorial provides diagrams and text on the anatomy, histology, and function of the various organs of the urinary system.   It also includes information on how they work together.

Anatomy of the Stomach  This page provides information on and several diagrams depicting the anatomy and function of the stomach. It also includes a link to a page dealing with the electric activity of the stomach.

Gut Feelings includes information and diagrams on the anatomy of the digestive system.

Anatomy of the Pelvis and Perineum teaches the anatomy of that area of the body.  It also includes information on the function of the pelvis including defacation.  The page is filled with links to diagrams of the pelvis.

Heart and Lungs

Basic Cardiac Anatomy provides straightforward information on the anatomy and function of the heart.  Though it contains no diagrams, it is filled with useful information.

The Heart provides diagrams of the anatomy of the heart and circulatory system, as well as information on lymphatics and blood vessels.

Lung Anatomy   This site provides information on the structures and function of the lungs. It includes links to many diagrams.

The Nervous System

Functional Anatomy of the Nervous System includes detailed information on the brain, on the various aspects of the nervous system, and on skeletal and smooth muscles.   Also included are several diagrams.

Musculoskeletal Anatomy

Anatomy of the Muscular System is a slideshow offering basic, useful information on the nature of the muscular system, including a good overview of vocabulary.

Musculoskeletal Atlas   This page offers diagrams of all major muscles, bones, and joints in the human body.

The Skeletal System   This site provides information on the function of bones as well as some interesting facts. Also included is a diagram of all the major bones in the body.

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