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Picture from Zing-Zang's Zelgadiss Greywers Shrine
and thanks Cindy, for being so observant as to point out some gramatical errors here. ^_^

Unofficial Site Against Amelia and Zelgadis Coupledom
(aka-Save Zel)

Well, I am evil. I will no longer be updating this site, because there are too many things to be done, and I'm actually starting to like Amelia a whole lot more since I got Slayers Next. *grin* So feel free to ravage the site, take what pictures you want, etc. I'll leave it up like it is, but there will be no more updates (as if there have been too many lately!)

zel and amelia Now, don't get me wrong. I have nothing against Amelia. She's very nice. It's just that she's after Zel, and we just can't have that. I've seen where others feel this way, but no one had a site dedicated solely to this subject. So, I did it myself.

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I know what everyone is thinking . . .
monster in water

Amelia: Why do you hate me?!

We don't hate you Amelia. You just want our Zel. We can't have that.

Amelia: So you dedicate an entire site against me?!

Yes. It's a very important subject. All important subjects get websites.

Amelia: *sniffle* It's not a against the law to have a crush on Mr. Zelgadis.

Too late. The site is up and running.

Note for Amelia lovers: No Amelia bashing is to be taken too seriously. Thank you.


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