This page is dedicated to the Australian astress Taya Stratton. She was famous for her role in "Prisoner Cell Block H" as Rose "SPIDER" Simpson.
I don't know so much about Taya but I want to find out so if you know something, then PLEASE email me - I would be so happy. The only things I know is that she comitted suicide in 1992 and had this role in "PCBH"

Spider is one of my biggest favourites in "PCBH", she's so cool. I can't help but loving her even if she's bad most of the times. She likes to teas the other prisoners and the staff.

At once when I saw her on tv, when she was new in "PCBH" I thought... YES, a cool character and I was right.. she's really cool!!!



some info about Taya, all I know about her

The Spider story

Some info about Spider


Pictures of Taya as Spider.


The roles Taya played. Her movies and
Tv series

Spider sounds

Listen to Spider (Taya)


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