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Capitol Worship Centre and Strong Foundation Ministries presents...

If you...

Have a "heart for kids," but just don't know how to go about relating to them,


Want to work with kids, but just don't know how to go about it


Work with kids already but think you can improve at it!

Then you can!!!

It's just like learning to play a sport, or a musical instrument. Maybe you do have a "natural aptitude" for it. But that's not enough! Let's take, for example arguably the best basketball player of all time, Micheal Jordan. Guess what? He got cut from his varsity basketball team the first year he tried out! But, when he came back the next year he not only "made the cut," but he went on to become his team's star, a star a North Carolina, and the a big star as a pro! Did he make the cut the next year because he had that much more natural aptitude? No! He had that the year that he got cut! The difference was that he had spent a lot of hours developing that natural aptitude the second year. That's what made the difference!

Those of you that have a few years on you like me, remember Pistol Pete Maravich, again arguably the best pure shooter that basketball has ever known. To refresh your memory a bit, it was not unusual for him to score between 40 and 50 points in a typical game. Wow, you say, what a "natural athelete" he must have been! NOT REALLY! What he was was somebody who was absolutely devoted to his craft. I mean he ate and slept basketball! He developed himself! And you can too, in children's ministry. In fact, the main thing that has been the common denominator in successful people has been, practice, practice, and then more practice!

At E.T.I.

we will give you the foundation in ministry/training as far as kids are concerned, to do whatever the Lord calls you to do in that area.We will be your coach! Your success in Children's ministry/teaching coach. Our institute is based on the concept taught in 1 Tim 2:2, that says to teach faithful people what you have learned, so they in turn can teach others. (E.T.I. papaphrase)

Whether you...

Want to start a new kid's ministry, teach a kid's class, orwant to revamp a whole children's ministry, if you're a volunteer in kid's ministry, then this is the place to start!



You knew that you needed help before you "ran into" us, and so you're ready to get started. If that's the case, then click on Registration and begin the process of registration, or if you want to use us as a resource as opposed to getting foundational training, then choose starting to be taken to a page where you can pick your need!


This idea is new to you, and you'd like to find out more about us. (and me) If that's the case, then fine, just click on about E.T.I.... and you'll start that process.

If you would like a free report which is titled "How to Have an Effective Children's Ministry," then click here.

At any rate, don't let money (or lack of it) get in your way! Click on Our financial policy to find out we're a faith ministry!

Or if you have already signed up, then click on Starting, and you'll be transported to the page to start!

At any rate, welcome to the E.T.I. family!

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