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Social Pharmacy

Social Pharmacy

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Social Pharmacy / Pharmacoepidemiology / Pharmacoeconomics in Germany: In Germany Germany we have an education law for the pharmaceutical education called "APPROBATIONSORDNUNG". All 23 German universities have to offer all the subjects that are included there. But the topic "Social Pharmacy / Pharmacoepidemiology / Pharmaceutical Practice" is NOT included. Nearly 80% of the German student work in a retail pharmacy after their studies. But they have never dealt with problems of patient counselling. The universities in the Eastern part of Germany have had the subject "Social Pharmacy". In 1990 - when the German re-unification took place - the Approbationsordnung became an all-German law. It is a slowly going process to change this education system. The next reform is expected in 5 years. Our pharmacists organisation ABDA wants to introduce the new subject: "Pharmacoepidemiology and Pharmacoeconomics". So our Department at the Martin - Luther - University was renamed. After a long break we started research again in December 1996. If you have any information or questions - PLEASE contact me!
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