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Your Lenny Reviews

This was sent to me from Anthony Tittle


Lenny's 4th lp after the success of "Are you..." and In mine and a lot of my friend's opinion, his best along with let love rule. what most people are unaware of is that the lp was supposed to be the soundtrack to a film that never got released. if you know the story, it followes the lp perfectly. songs like "magdalene" and "circus" introduce some of the main characers. the story is a little too lengthly yo get into here, but it is a spiritual journey in which a stereotypical rock star finds god and decides to put away his decadant ways. the real good shit on this album is on side two, highlights being "the ressurection' and "thin ice" i wish someone would've played "don't go and put a bullet in your head" for urt, but it was too late. anyway, in my opinion this stands as lenny's crowning achievement and i wonder if he will ever top it.

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