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Sue's Adult Kids Of Divorce Page

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The Cherepon Family
June 30, 1973 - May 17, 1999

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What is an adult child of divorce?

Someone whose parent has divorced when they are college aged or older.

However, it can also mean a person who has grown up, but their parents divorced when they were younger!

To tell you a bit about myself, I am 24, my parents separated last July and the divorce is final this month (May). How is that for quick dissolution of a family!?

Often times, we are ignored by people who worry about children of broken homes...

Well, if no one else is going to help us, we are going to help ourselves! Please feel free to join the club, the mailing list! Make a friend! Put your story in the journal! Don't suffer alone! :o) It's too hard, and not worth it!

To close, I will post a little poem I wrote:


I once believed in Eternity
My family together for eternity
Mother, Father, Daughter, Daughter

How can I have been so wrong?

Is heaven still going to work now?
Will I still go to heaven with both my parents?
Or will they still be fighting?

Will I still try to make peace or is peace essential to eternity?
Maybe the fighting will stop, differences reconciled.

Will Mom's boyfriend be in my heaven?
What about Dad's girlfriend?
Will I care if they are?
Will I even notice?

In my selfish heaven,
there are 4 people.
My mother, my father, my sister, and me.
My heaven exists in a blue house on a dead end street in the middle of the woods.

My heaven has turned out not to exist.
Not on this plane and probably not on any other.

Why, oh why, can't eternity stretch backwards?

--There is plenty more writing and pondering to follow. Stop back often!


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