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coat of arms

~ W E L C O M E ~

~ TO ~


~+~ VAMPIRES ~+~

Two creatures of the night
Have captured our Imaginations
Like Vampires
What explains our enduring
Fascination with vampires
What is it about the vampire myth
that explains our interest
is it the overtones of sexual
or is it a fascination with the Immorality
of the undead
and what dark hidden parts
of our psychic that arouse
and captivating by the legends
of the undead

The Mystery of the undead
will continued to fascinate
The living

I have seen the face of evil
A face more pure than most
It is the face of all evil's
It lives deep with in my soul!!!!

And since they don't allow
erotic stuff on here
Email me to view my Erotic Side

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