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Festivals and Sacred Months

The Bleidoni

The Bleidoni is the twelve month Celtic year, originally reckoned by the beginning of each month on the new moon with Adbertoi on the full moon in addition to the sacred celebrations of the Gods and the Sabbats. For the Caledonii Druidic Order and the Caledonii Federation of Celtic Wicca, we have adapted the Coligny calendar to the modern calendar for our purposes. Short of the complex system of the traditional Coligny calendar, this is a close as is easily done. The following is the Caledonii Druidic Calendar of Festivals and Sacred Months in common use. This calendar is subject to revision as more research is conducted and discoveries are made about our people and our ancient customs.Anote of interest to scholars and seekers alike: The Caledonii have used the Latinized names for the calendar and for the Tradition name. The Calendar is of Gaulish origins and these original titles seemed most appropriate. The name CALEDONII is not used to indicate a Romanized Celtic tradition, rather the Latinized name is used by the non-initiated and the inner traditions tribal name is divuleged only to Initiated Caledonii.

The Bleidoni The March of the Sun

Samonios(November)-Summery end, Seed Time.

1 Great Sabbat of Samhain and Festival of the Assembly of Tara, Celtic Toutal Gathering.
4 Festival of Shoney, God of the sea and protector of the Isle of Lewis, coincides with Samhain. Ale is offered to him, poured in a small boat and set adrift in the ocean.
7 Anniversary of the Consecration of the Mother Nemeton of the Caledonii Druidic Order.
8 Festival of Gwynn ap Nudd
9 Festival of the Water Spirits
10 Festival of Mannanan MacLir of the Sea. Host of the feast of Age at Samhain
Memorial feast for Lord Mannanan, Draoi of the Caledonii

12 Memorial Feast for Lady Morgana, High Priestess of the Caledonii
14 Festival of Mocca, Celtic Sow Goddess
21 Great Festival of the Goddess Callieach, Mother of the Caledonii and veiled one.
22 Festival of the Bards and Musicians
29 Festival of Aifa (Aw-fah) Queen of the Land of Shadows who has a son by Cuchulain.
30 Festival of Morrigan, Tripple Goddess of battle, magic and sorcery.

Dumannios (December)-the dark month

13 Festival of the Goddess Belisana, maiden goddess.
20 Festival of Hu Gadaran, (Heu'c'), the Great White Bull, essence of the Eternal, the seed who becomes the giant,leader of the people in they're migration from the land of mists into Western Europe.
21 Midwinter- Major Sabbat of Mean Geimhraidh
22 Festival of the God Sul and Goddess Sullis, hot springs feast.

Riuros (January)- Frost Time

6 Festival of Sirona, Goddess of Springs and Healing
10 Geriant's Day, Blue Bard of Wales, Memorial Feast
24-26 Feast of Brewing
25 Burn's Night, Celebration of Robert Burns, Scots Poet
28-3 Great Sabbat of Up Kelly Ah, Scottish New Year, Scottish Oimelc Whuppity Scorrie-Festival of banishing evil Spirits and negativity, sundown of Up Kelley Aa or of Oimelec. The festival begins with the banishing of negative energies, the Formorians, by the Army of the Tuatha de Dannan, led by Lugh. The people gather at the Nematon and with branches cut from evergreens, beat the ground and costumed Formors, out of the Holy place. The branches are then burnt in the Oimelc fire along with the Brigit crosses. After the ritual cleansing, the Druidh sprinkles the Nematon with water and milk and all retire until close to midnight, when the virgin Brigit appears to restore order and bring forth her bright blessings.


1 Feast of the Goddess Brigit, Goddess of Poetry, Healing and Smithcraft.
2 Wives feast, a celebration of Women, images of Brigit.
5 Feast of the Air Spirits
6 Feast of IA, Goddess of sovereignty.
10 Festival of Teutates, God of the tribes, warrior lord and voice of the Gods. Envisioned as a giant. A household shrine should be maintained to this Universal God. All offerings to him should be made in bodies of still water at sunset.

Ogronios (March)-Cold

1 Festival of the Goddess Rhiannon, Lady of justice. Beginning of flowering time.
18 Festival of the Sheelah-N-Gig, Great Birth Mother
20 Major Sabbat of Mean Earraigh (movable)
21 Festival of Tea and Tephr, Miliesan Princess who established Tara thus becoming Goddess of Irish Sovereignty.
23 The Festival of Esus the Hunter, Lord of Hunters and the sap of the tree, the first fork of the branch. Offerings should be hung in trees.

Cutios (April)-The Windy Period

23 The Festival of the Green Man, God of Vegetation.
30 Belotenia Eve, Festival of the Great Goddess Dana, Mother of flowing water.

Giamonios (May)-Wintery-End

1 Great Sabbat of Belotenia (Bealtinne) 30 April-3 May, Battle between the Winter Chieftain and the Summer Chieftain. The coming of the Tuatha De Dannan and the ridding of the Femors from the land.
7 Festival of the Earth Spirits and the Helstron Furry Dance
18 Festival of the Horned Godd Cernnunos, Lord of the Animals.
29 Feast of the Duir and Apple.

Simiuisonnos (June)- Semi-Springtime

7 Festival of the Duir Nymph, possible consort of Tarranis.
8 Memorial Feast of Mari, Ard Bean Draoi, Initiate of Ariel Morgan.
13 Feast of Epona, Goddess of Horsed and totemic protectress of Murias and the land of Inis Locha.
20 Festival of the God OG, the god of youth, giver of writing.
21 Major Sabbat of Mean Samhraidh, Midsummer (moveable)
During Mean Samhraidh, Festival of Raven Wilde, celebrating the anniversary of the acceptance of the Grove.
22 Feast of the God Gruagah, god of the shinning rays, Lord of the Sun, libations of milk are poured into holed stones in his honor.
23 Day of Cu Chullain, Great Chieftain and Hero, son of Lugh.

Equos (July)-horse,equity

7 Festival of Taranis, the Great Lord of the Wheel and of Thunder. (Anniversary of the innitiations of the Drui of the Caledonii.)
21 Festival of the Forrest spirits
25 Festival of the Goddess Macha
28 Feast of Chrom Dubh, Irish God of Grain and Beginning of the Gathering time.
30 Day of Silence, honoring Crom Cruagh, the ancient bowed one.
31 Great Sabbat of Lughnassadh, Feast of the Great God Lugh Samildanach.

Elembiuios (August)-Many fences

2 Day of the loaf, held in conjunction with Lughnassadh. Feats of the sacrificed Horned God.
4 The festival of Tarvos Trigarrunus, bull God and totemic protector of the sacred city of Falias and the realms of Inis Ercandra.
6 Festival of the Sun Goddess, Grianne and the Sun God Grian.
9 Festival of the Fire Spirits
11-13 Puck Fair, Masculine Fertility Festival

Edrinios (September)-Hot Period

6 Festival of Dian Cecht, God of healing, Universal Celtic Physician.
9 Abbot's Bromley Horned Dance
21 Memorial Feast for Elder Lord Serphant, Elder of Serpentstone Family
20 Festival of the Goddess Cerridwen, the autumn crone and the elixir of all knowledge, as well as prophetess and nurse of seeds.
22 Major Sabbat of Mean Fomhair (movable)
24 The festival of Maponus (Mabon) the young God who becomes the Lord of Time

Cantlos (October)-Song

2 Festival of the Guardian Spirits, The Cabiri (Roman name) ancient red-hooded ones, household spirits as well.
16 Festival of Cera
18 Festival of Herne the Hunter, protector of the Great Forrest and adversary of Cernnunos.
24 Festival of the Air Spirits
29 Festival of Ankou, the guide of souls. He drives the black cart that transports souls to their journey to Tir Na Og.
30 Festival of the Dagda Mor, Father of the Chief Goddess Dana and keeper of the Coire un Dagda.
31 Trinouxtion Samoni (the Three nights of Samhain) Universal Celtic New Year.

Moveable Festivals

New Moon closest to Mean Geimhraidh
Festival of Artio, the Great Bear, Totemic protector of Murais and the realms of Innis Loch.

Full Moon closest to Mean Geimhraidh
Festival of Aharianrohd, Great Star Goddess, keeper of Caer Ahrianrohd.

Full Moon of January
Festival of the Goddess Ana, Deep Sleeping Mother, an aspect of Danu.

Full Moon of July
Festival of the Clan Danu-Mari of the Caledonii.