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The Aspiring Heroes

This room has no evidence of a light source at all, but if that were so, then why can you still see? You turn a corner, and see a number of bases that give off a soft white light. Usually on these bases, one would find fine works of still marble, but instead, on each one stands a different, semi-transparent figure that is shown travelling, fighting, etc. You then realize that they are not actually there, but it is a Portal Eye- a spell that is used to show the actions of specified individuals without actually being there by their side. Each Portal has a scroll floating beside it, there for anyone who would care to read it.

You walk to a base showing......

..... an image of an average height human with startling gold-flecked brown eyes and short black hair. The scroll next to the Portal says Tyric Aristides.

..... a figure of a teenage girl with shoulder length hair that is an attractive shade of purple and eyes to match. The scroll simply reads: Hopp.

..... a stout dwarf with steel-toned hair and a fork-beard. His eyes are the clearest shade of crystalline blue you have ever seen. Written on the scroll beside him is Bolt Suresight.

..... a tall, slim silhouette that strides into the light, showing ears that designate him as an elf. He has blue eyes and hair the shade of rich earth. You catch a glimpse of the name Silverleaf Half-Moon on the scroll.

..... a young girl dressed in a strange outfit. She is wearing some sort of sleeveless armor, but as you get a look, she touches the pendant on her chest and transforms into a normally dressed girl. Your curiosity causes you to look at the floating scoll beside, and it says Baele Ranowyn

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