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The Slayer and the Rest...

The room here is adorned with pictures and scrolls, as well as some sort of circular display stand here. Scanning along the wall, you read a scroll that you guess was meant to be read first.

Alright, it's me again. Hey, it had to happen sometime, and I must admit I am a devout watcher (no pun intended) of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (which comes on at 8:00 Eastern on WASV, Channel 62 if you live in SC). Well, I like the show for a couple of reasons: 1. Hey, it's got a nice, cohesive plot, spattered with drama and humor. It appeals. 2. If you haven't gotten this fact, I love most things fantasy, and a good fantasy show is hard to find. 3. You have to admit that the cast appearances does help. Well, if you still would like to read on, go ahead. Who knows, you might become hooked also. If you already aren't.

~Tyric Aristides~


Buffy the Vampire Slayer and other organizations, productions, etc. are made by big names and big people, and are explicitly their creations and making. I am not associated to, nor do I know any of the people involved in these companies.

The Weekly Synopsis

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    It's Christmas time in Sunnydale, and all is not well. The opening clip is of Angel dreaming abot the people he killed when he had no soul, and then waking up. Buffy is blissfully unaware of the dreams....... for now. Anyway, Buffy and her mother are shopping for Christmas trees (complete with artificial snow), and nothing out of the ordinary happens except of the manager making a few comments of a patch of trees that had suddenly withered and died. While shopping, Buffy's mother, Joyce, suggests that she invite Faith over for Christmas dinner. Buffy halfhearted agrees, and then suggests Giles. At this, Joyce flatly says no, even though Buffy tries to convince her (if you watched the episode where all the adults act like teens, you'll understand why). The next day at school, Cordelia says a brief passage about her going to somewhere that actually has snow and skiing, then leaves. Oz tells Willow that without her, it feels like he's lost a body part, and that he would be willing to give their relationship another try. Willow agrees, and they get back together. Buffy goes to Faith's apartment, and invites her over for dinner the next day, but Faith says she's already made plans. Later that day, Giles is at home cooking, when Angel knocks on the door. Giles (who points a crossbow at him before letting him in) invites him, and Angel tells him of his problems, but that doesn't last long, because Ms. Calendar's "spirit" is still bothering him. Buffy goes back to the school, and asks him about Angel having problems, because she thinks that she was watching him in one of his dreams. Giles and Buffy have a short conversation, then begin research, along with Willow and Xander who show up. Buffy falls asleep, and has another "dream". The next night, Buffy and her mom are preparing for Christmas and dinner, when there's a knock on the door. It's Faith, who says her plans fizzled out, and if the offer still stands, she would like to join them. Buffy says of course, and goes upstairs. When she reaches her room, Angel closes the door, startling her. He is obviously disturbed, and from an Angel perspective, we see Ms. Calendar telling Angel to kill Buffy and the spirits and pain will go away. Angel manages several short comments, then throws himself out the window. While all of this is happening, Willow is at Oz's house to watch movies with him, but when Oz comes home, he finds everything all romantically set out, and Willow says that she wants to make out with him. Oz refuses, saying that when that happens, he want to know it's out of love, not guilt. Willow agrees, saying that she just wanted him to know how much he meant to her. Buffy then tells Faith to stay with her mom, and goes to see Giles. She then proceeds to ask him more desperately this time, and they do more research, this time ending up with a quote of the Dark Ones, and that nothing can live above or below where they dwell. Buffy's memory is triggered, and she goes back the tree lot. Flash to Angel at his home, where the spirit is still haunting him. After much arguing, he decides to kill himself by exposure to the sun when it rises. It is now quite obvious that someone wants Angel dead. Meanwhile, Buffy breaks into a hatch in the center of the dead trees, and drops down. She finds a whole bunch of eyeless people chanting, and she kills them. The Ms. Calendar image appears, with a spew, which is interrupted by Buffy, and the image shatters, revealing a large image of a horned demon, telling her that she can't stand up to the first evil, let alone the task of saving Angel. Buffy then runs to Angel's house, then to a cliff where he's standing. she begs him to take shelter, and Angel seems determined on killing himself. Following dialogue summary:

  • "Everybody wants me dead."
  • "But what about me? I love you so much!"

    She then proceeds to argue with him, when they are suddenly both interrupted by snowfall...... meaning no sunrise. The scene flashes around to show Giles looking outside at the snow, as well as Oz and Willow walking to a window to watch, Faith and Joyce walking outside to watch, and Xander sleeping outside in a sleeping bag covering himslef, then suddenly realizing it's snow. The ending shot is a scene of Buffy and Angel walking hand in hand through the deserted snow covered streets.

    The Slayer, the Slayerettes, others

  • Buffy Summers- Buffy, quite obviously is the main character, who is a senior (3rd season) at Sunnydale High. Yes, she does have some issues, but you really can't muster enough gripes to hate her. For one thing, she has a vampire boyfriend. And she's sent him to hell. Now they're back......together. She's also had her fair share of trauma.... she's had to kill her boyfriend, she's died once, been punched/kicked/blasted who know how many. But she keeps on coming back to save her city and the world making wry remarks along the way. Buffy is played by Sarah Michelle Gellar, who has appeared on shows like Saturday Night Live, as well as a long role in All My Children, and was in one of those thrill-chill movies, I think either Scream 2 or I Know What You Did Last Summer.

  • Alexander "Xander" Harris- Xander is one of Buffy's closest friends (considering the few she has). He provides lots of the show's humor with little barbs and phrases, as well as mostly pitiful and ill-timed comments. All that aside, Xander is a nice guy. He stands up (to a limit) for his friends, always gives some effort, and if he fiercely believes in something, you can trust him to tackle it with all he has (which has gotten him into trouble more than once). Xander does have some love life issues though. He WAS dating Cordelia, but he got caught kissing Willow underneath the warehouse (Oz, Willow's boyfriend, happened to see this also, but they're back together now.) and also has this intense obsession to shield Buffy from doing what he thinks she shouldn't (namely, Angel, who usually isn't too happy with him). All that aside, Xander makes a good "Champion of the Underdogs" and it really shouldn't be a problem to figure out why his friends value his friendship. Xander is played by Nicholas Brendon.

  • Willow Rosenberg- She's smart, shy, (Jewish, for some humor points in the Christmas episode,) and has a comical innocence. Willow really isn't the type to lose her temper, she's very quiet, although she will "chip in her two cents" when she can. Her role in the helping Buffy on her "duties" is to share the load of research with Giles in the library, which she can do quite well, and she is also quite the techno person of the group (she once pulled a trick on Cordelia by saying "press the Del key to deliver once you're done with your assignment.). Willow is also the aspiring witch of the group, having been the one to work the incantations and such in the past. On some regular life things, she's got a boyfriend (which actually isn't so regular if you skip down to the passage about Oz), who she just got back with in the Christmas episode. Willow also has a startling amount of innocence, which makes for lots of humor, as she realizes the meaning of some phrases (the song I Touch Myself), she stammers when talking about certain topics, and other things. Willow is played by Alyson Hannigan, who has done several other film/TV roles, like a small one in Dead Man On Campus.

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