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The Bulletin Board

The Bulletin Board is used for the communication between the people who make the Dragon Cove to post their notes, reminders, etc. here. The regular traveller might not find much interest in this page, but if someone feels like reading it, do continue. Otherwise, explore the rest of the Cove

12-30-98: Alright, this page needs some work, and also some dividers :). ~Tyric~

12-30-98: lol, not to mention it was a little hard to read. Hows about a plain background? Feel free to change it back, but this page is after function, not style, right? I'm having the same trouble you are, too; When I preview a page, it cuts off the bottom of it. Do you think perhaps we should revamp the front page and size it down a bit? The revisions could have their own separate page... Other stuff'd work too. Just throwing out ideas. ~Bolt

1-2-99 Wow. 99. Happy New Year everyone. Let's make this page awesome before Y2K hits. ;-) I just put a sketch of Bolt up, and it's really big and in a bad spot, but I did it. If anyone has graphical suggestions, please tell me! Thanks! ~Bolt

2-27-99 You know how when you IM someone a lot and they don't say anything, you feel like you're talking a bit too much... Anywho, at Tyric's request, the animating book image was transferred to our directory, and it is now a link in the library page. Granted it doesn't go anywhere yet, but it's there. ~Bolt

5-1-99 Heh, sorry, I know what you mean about the IM thing. Anyway, yay, it's May with all it's nasty pollen and delightful rainshowers. As everyone can see (ha, whoever visits this page :) )The wonderful parts of the story are up, and while it's not finished, we are hoping to wrap it up. ::ahem, Bolt :) :: We need better backgrounds! ~Tyric