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This page is directed to the average player of SE3.
To the beginners, maybe could be better if you read the online manual, or go first to the Malfador's Web Page:
About the advanced player, i'm sure that you will go to sleep...



Within of the Racial Advantages, my favorites are:

Natural Merchants: Isn't necessary to construct Space Ports so that the solar system generates points for the empire.

Favors the fast expansion, because isn't necessary to expect 10 turns to begin to generate points.

Save 6000 points of construction by every Space Port not builded.

Save a place for the construction of other facilities.

Is more useful in games with medium or large galaxy.


Ship Craftsmam: Planetary space yards can repair the double number of components per turn (eight).

It's very useful at the beginning of the game, when is important to construct ships rapidly to explore, to colonize, defense and attack.

In addition, if you're utilizing the standard technology file of the game, eight components per turn is more fast than any other type of space yard.


Durable Ships: Ship maintenance cost are half of normal.

Permits to have a fleet the double of big, to the same cost. (A very big fleet can produce gigantic expenses of maintenance ).


Tiny Race: Planets can store 120% of normal capacity.

You have more facilities and more population in every planet.

Especially useful, if in the game settings was selected more than one starting planet.




You can't trust in the ministers controled by the AI. Though AI is enough competent, neither is 'Deep Blue'.


The first Research Area must be the 'Component Construction'. When have achieved this, you can design a Space Station (SS type), that utilizes as 'Space Base Yard'. They're very cheap, and can include until 3 components of construction.


Afterwards you must investigate the design of the Frigate and the Destroyer.


Previous technologies to discover the hidden technologies:





Fighters Transport Fighters


Mines Transport Mines


Phased Shields Shields 6
  Mathematics/Physics 3
Cloaking Device Shields 8
Tachyon Sensors Cloacking Device 1
Emissive Armor Ship Construction 6
  Mathematics/Physics 3
Warp Point Manipulation Astrophysics 3
Planet Manipulation Astrophysics 2
Star Manipulation Astrophysics 4
Storm Manipulation Astrophysics 1
Eternal Energy Source Propulsion 12
  Resupply 7
  Mathematics/Physics 5
Phased Energy Beam 3
  Mathematics/Physics 2
Shield Damaging Shields 2
Engine Damaging Ship Construction 5
  Beam 5
  Mathematics/Physics 2
Weapon Damaging Ship Construction 5
  Beam 5
  Mathematics/Physics 3
Gravitational Astrophysics 2
Wormhole Warp Point Manipulation 2
Planet Conditions Ecology/Agriculture 3
Planet Value Ecology/Agriculture 3


Is good to create some scouts and to explore the near systems, but don't can neglect your originals planets, without protection.


After colonizing a planet, is good setting the 'Production Output' to 60%, thus increases the 'Reproduction Rate' and the population will grow more fast.


For every 2000 of population, the time to build anything on a planet is halved from normal.

At 2000 it's 1/2 of normal time.

4000 it's 1/4 of normal time.

6000 it's 1/8 of normal time.


You must build ships of 'Population Transport' at the beginning of the game, and transport populations from your more developed planets, to the more recently colonized. Thus, you can increases the speed of growth of population too.


If was selected the racial advantage 'Ship Craftsman', and was investigated the 'Component Construction', is very probable that you have a fleet of ships many ahead of the remainder of the opponents. By it, is good to destroy the neighboring opponents before they could expand, and thus can win most space to be able to grow in the beginning of the game.


Types of construction in the planets:

In the planets with a value to equal to 1 or up, you must construct only 'Construction Centers'.

In the planets with a minor value that 1, you must construct 'Research Centers' and 'Intelligence Centers' (usualy, i build half and half).


Is good to investigate in Facilities of Construction, Research and Intelligence the more fast possible, because you don't need many points of investigation, and the new facilities increase many the production.


Also, could be good if you investigate in Sociology/Psychology, and to construct ONLY A 'Urban Pacification Center' in the most poor planet of every solar System, and later to increase 'Production Output' to 140 % in all developed planets of the system, to improve the production.


The information is a fundamental element to win any war. For this reason, to know if approximate hostile forces, is good to dispose scouts in the frontiers of the empire:

In the beginning can construct little scouts, and occult in solar systems that have 'stellar storms'. Thus the other players couldn't detect your ships. Other advantage: is not necessary to move the scout when 'Resupply Time' has finished.

Further in the game can construct scouts with the 'cloak device'. But you must remember that if the 'Resupply Time' has finished, the 'cloak device' stopped his operation ...

Drop mines in non frequented places, in the solar systems that you want know the enemy movements.


When was investigated in 'research areas' of weapons, is good to improve only one type of weapon in particular, and to deepen in this weapon, and not to investigate many types of weapons at the same time.


If the game was started with the normal technology and without 'technology points', the weapons of Plasma are the first weapon that you must investigate.


Ships with 'Point Defense Canons' are indispensable in all fleets, because are the weapons that could stop the fighters and the seekers weapons.


Use boarding ships to take over an opponent's ship.
Then you can disassemble it and analyze the new techs or you can use it as another ship.


When you advance in the technology of one game, or when was commenced with 'tecnology points', not exist one opinion about which are the better arms for a ship. I prefer the Shields Depleter, the Ripper Beam with the Tractor Beam, and the Incinerator Beam. But you must remember that all types of arms have some advantages and some debilities, and for this reason, it's necessary to construct different types of ships so that complement according to different functions.


The betters 'Design Types' to create ships, are :

DS : Destroyer

LC: Light Cruiser

BC: Battle Cruiser

They're cheap, fast of build and have fast displacement.


Some examples of Ships in the early game:

Boarding Ship.

wpe2.jpg (33000 bytes)


Attack Light Cruiser.

wpe5.jpg (32347 bytes)


Attack Destroyer.

aquiti4.jpg (59939 bytes)


Defensive Destroyer.

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The big designes (Battle Ships, Dreadnougths and Base Ships), are very costly and have slow displacement. But over all, delay many turns to construct and by so are difficult of replacing, upgrade and repair. This disadvantage is not so big if you utilize files of different technologies than the original technology file of the game, because the majority include 'component construction' very fast.


Generally is true that's better to dispose a fleet of many median and little ships, that one of very few large ships.


Is good to place mines in the 'warp points' of access to the external systems of your empire.


If you're beginning a game with many 'technology points', or already you're in a step advanced of the game, could be good to insure that your enemies can't destroy your solar systems: put mines in the sun, or building a 'Defensive Base' inside the sun.


Almost never recommending to colonize the planets 'small', 'tiny' and the asteroids. In my opinion is better wait the technology to destroy the little planets, and later reconstruct them as 'Large' planets. (This's valid in medium and large galaxies, when you have time to growing, or when was commenced with many 'technology points').


If was discover the technology 'cloak device', is good to include this device in the ships:

Open/Close Warp Points.

Mine Layer.

Mine Sweeper.

Sun Destroyers.

Troop Transport.

Space Yard Ship.


Like the older proverb, in SE3 the better defense is a good attack.


Upon invading solar systems enemies (and in particular of human players), is very important to create a balanced fleet, with multiple types of ships :

Combat Ships.

Boarding Ships.

Mine Sweepers.

Mine Layers.

Troop Transport.

Space Yard Ships.


In these campaignes is good to invade some planets with 'troops', because thus could create new 'Resupply Depot', and to prosecute the attack. But the principal objective must be TO DESTROY the major quantity of possible planets, thus you destroy the economic base of the enemy. Wants to tell you that isn't good to delay the attack, expecting the arrival of more 'troops', because you must avoid that the enemy could reorganize his fleets.


In my opinion, the Planetary Napalm, the Neutron Bomb, the Radiaton Bomb, and the Smart Bomb, are useless: you must destroy all the people and facilities in the planet or invade the planet with 'Troops'.


You must have always some fleet of reserve to could cover a reasonable rank of systems, to stop possible surprise attacks from the enemy (over all with human players, because they could utilize ships to open 'Warp Points' from systems very distant...).


When you has a powerful empire, though seems unpleasant, is very good to solicit tribute to the allied AI most weak, because generate valuable extra resources.


If you has a treatise of 'Partnership' with an powerful empire AI, and is necessary to enter in war with this empire, is good to create ships with the 'cloak device' and 'Star Destroyers' or 'Planet Destroyers'.
Later, you could position this ships together with a 'Cloack Sweep Mines' in the planets and/or the more important solar systems of the other empire. When you declare the war, you only need press the buttom and ...kabooom!
We recommending not use this strategy against an human opponent, because you can win one war, but the humans have a better memory than the computers, and you also can win a lifelong enemy...



Master Belisarius