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    The Birth of Our Federation.

    Our Home World, called simply 'THE NEST', is the second planet of the star 'Milano', located in the core of the galaxy 'Aquilae'. At the present time 'THE NEST' stands as a warning of the results that war can produce: one dead planet, despoiled and radioactive, destroyed during a bloody civil war approximately 2000 galactic years ago.

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THE NEST: Our destroyed Home World

    This war lasted 106 years, and was produced as consequence of the tyranny that the government (in this time a Empire ), was exercising over the colonies.
    The first rebels against the oppression were the exterior worlds, supported by one faction named 'The Traders', who wanted to obtain major liberties to trade (and of course major benefits).
    In the beginning, the revolts failed, because the power of the Empire was very strong. But after massive bombardments of civilian populations, ordered by the Emperor Equine X, to annihilate rebel forces, the morale of Imperial troops declined.
    The turning point was the desertion of Imperial Fleet VII. The first in a lomg list of defections, this influenced some important planets of the Empire (for example 'Medea II', capital of the worlds of rings ) to support the revolt.
    For many years, the conflict remained indecisive for every side, until the battle of 'Carcosa I' (one of the most strong planets of the Empire). The rebel fleet under the command of Admiral Marcus (An old Admiral of the Empire), destroyed more than the half of Imperial Ships, and practically determined the triumph of the revolution.
    Following some skirmishes, the Rebel fleet was in conditions of initiating the siege of '
THE NEST'. But the Emperor Equine XIII was not ready to relinquish his power: When the ships of the rebel assault were initiating the descent to the planet, the Emperor simultaneously exploded the entire nuclear arsenal of the planet, producing a horrendous holocaust that finished with all manner of life on the planet and destroyed great part of the invader fleet. The craziness of blood and death, altered forever the roots of our race: the Empire was eliminated and replaced by a Federation of free Planets, and the War Ships changed by the diplomacy and the economic boycotts.