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Weakness Creation

The hero can bestow a weakness on a victim that is just as dangerous as if the victim as always possessed that Weakness.

The hero must make a Power FEAT whose Intensity is determined by the victim's Psyche. Success means the hero has temporarily mangled the victim's physiology and given him a new Weakness. The player randomly generates the nature of the Weakness using the Tables in the Weakness Generation section of this site.

The duration of the Weakness is determined by a separate Reason FEAT made at the time the Weakness is created. A green FEAT gives a duration of 10 turns times the Reason rank number. A yellow FEAT increases that to 1000 turns times the Reason rank number. A red FEAT further increases that to 10,000 turns times the Reason rank number.

At the expiration of the duration, the victim returns to normal, unless he has died in such a way he cannot be revived.

Note: This is the final Power that Judges should probably restrict to NPCs or high level characters.

Range: Column A.