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Elemental Allergy: The hero suffers adverse effects if he is exposed to a specific one of the hundred-odd elements. This Allergy only occurs if the element is present in a pure state and in an accumulation of at least 1 ounce. If the element is combined in a molecular state or is in insufficient quantities, no Effect occurs. The element must be within 20 feet of the hero for it to have any Effect.

This allergy can be overcome by physically insulating the hero from the element or by increasing the distance between them.

An example of this would be Superman wearing a lead-lined suit to enter a room filled with Kryptonite.

Molecular Allergy: This is similar to Elemental Allergy. A specific compound causes the Effect. Common examples include water, wood, and Adamantium.

Energy Depletion: The hero has a finite energy supply that permits him to manifest Power. This energy must be periodically renewed by means of rest, food, Energy Absorption, Energy Vampirism, or simply making contact with a source of that energy. If the hero's energy level drops too low, dire Effects result.

Energy Dampening: The hero has the problem of having to release the energy pent up within himself; this is done by using his Powers. If the hero is somehow prevented from using his Powers, the energy begins to do internal damage.

Finite Limit: All of the hero's Powers have a finite number of times they can be used. This is determined by a second, independent Power rank roll; this rank number is the number of uses remaining for that Power. When a Power is depleted, the hero suffers the Effect. The Judge can determine how such Powers can be recharged.

Psychological Weakness: A specific event, condition, or mental state has an adverse effect on the hero. This Stimulus directly affects the hero's mind; any resulting physical damage is psychosomatic in nature. That is, any physical damage results are due to the hero's instinctive belief in those results.

Examples include being physically bound, even if the hero could normally snap the binding material; facing a foe covered in a specific color; or feeling extremely confused.

Psychological Weaknesses can be temporarily overcome by an Un(100)Intensity Psyche FEAT. They can be permanently overcome by a SZ(500) Intensity Psyche FEAT.