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VegetableThe hero is an intelligent, mobile plant. He can be of any nature but for game purposes the hero is assumed to be a man-shaped plant. His physiology is based on photosynthesis. The plant-man doesn't need to eat anything except a bit of fertilizer occasionally.

Plants have no legal rights. This can be a real problem.

The Plant Hero may be a mutant, a modified plant, a member of a species of intelligent plant life, or a human or other being who was somehow transformed into a plant. A permanent result of Induced Vegetation could create such a character. Man-Thing is an example of the last type.
Fighting: -2CS. Endurance: +2CS. Resources: 0
Absorption Power: Gd(10) rank in the form of enhanced photosynthesis(light only).
Weakness: Prolonged deprivation of light and water reduces the hero's Strength and Endurance -1CS per day after an initial 3 days.
Contacts: Plants have no initial Contacts; the exception is if the Plant was created by scientific means, in which case its creator might be a Contact.
Vegetables roll on Column 1 of the Random Ranks Table.